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Supermarkets will pay farmers more for beef

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Several supermarkets will increase the prices they pay to beef producers from Monday. Chairwoman Marianne Streel of the Walloon agricultural organization FWA announced this on Friday and the chains confirm the news. This concerns Delhaize, Colruyt and Lidl.

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Delhaize says it will increase purchasing prices for beef from Monday, for six months. The supermarket chain does not want to say how much the prices will be increased. “Substantial,” says spokesperson Roel Dekelver. Customers will not notice this in the store. According to Delhaize, beef was chosen “because that sector is currently being hit hardest”.

At Colruyt it is stated that the adjustment applies to the price of bulls, also from Monday. “As always, we will evaluate our new approach within approximately three months. We remain convinced that the consultation works and we have proven this once again,” Colruyt said in a statement. It concerns the purchase price that is increased, that is the price that Colruyt pays to the livestock farmers. Colruyt does not specify what this means for prices in the store.

Lidl is also increasing the purchase price, the company confirms. “We still have to see what consequences this will have for prices on the store shelves,” said spokeswoman Isabelle Colbrandt.

“That is a good step,” Streel said at the entrance of the first meeting of the Task Force, which was created after the start of the farmers’ protest. In addition to ministers from the various policy levels, producers (i.e. farmers) and the distribution sector also sit at the table. The aim of the meeting is to breathe new life into the consultation on fixing prices and the distribution of margins between the various links in the chain.

Several preparatory meetings took place during the week. The meeting is chaired by Federal Minister of Agriculture David Clarinval. About thirty people take part in the consultation.

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