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Suspect arrested 33 years after robbery murder of Rotterdam entrepreneur

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Hans van der Mee — © Opsporingverzocht.nl

The Rotterdam police arrested a suspect on Tuesday for the robbery murder of 54-year-old entrepreneur Hans van der Mee. The Public Prosecution Service reported this on Friday. Van der Mee was robbed and shot dead in his household appliances store on February 14, 1990. The police have arrested a 59-year-old Rotterdam resident on suspicion of involvement in his death.

Source: BELGA

Friday, December 1, 2023 at 4:36 PM

Van der Mee ran the store together with his wife. They were in the store together when it was robbed by two people. It is not known whether there is another suspect in the picture.

The arrested suspect was brought to trial on Friday. He will remain in custody for another fourteen days. He is under full restrictions, which means he is only allowed to have contact with his lawyer. Due to the limitations and the importance of the investigation, the public prosecutor’s office will not make any further statements, including how the police tracked down the suspect.

Attention has been paid to the case in several investigative programs in recent years, including last September in the TV program Opsporing Verzocht.

A reward of 30,000 euros was offered for a golden tip in the case. “It is currently too early in the investigation to report that the reward will be paid,” the public prosecutor’s office said.

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