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Suspension of normalized nucleic acid detection and analysis in many places: clearing will not change | Dynamic clearing | Hefei | Xi Jinping

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Suspension of normalized nucleic acid detection and analysis in many places: clearing will not change | Dynamic clearing | Hefei | Xi Jinping

[Epoch Times, June 23, 2022](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Ning Haizhong) The CCP’s so-called “normalized nucleic acid testing” is labor-intensive and costly, and it is difficult for local finance to support it. Recently, a number of cities, including Hefei, Anhui, announced the suspension of normalized nucleic acid testing. Some analysts believe that the CCP’s epidemic prevention is a political movement, and it is very difficult to truly change the zero-clearing policy.

On June 21, the Hefei Epidemic Prevention Headquarters held a meeting and announced that from the 22nd, free nucleic acid testing in normalized areas will be suspended, and only employees in high-risk industries will continue to implement “exhaustive inspections”. Hefei became the first provincial capital city to suspend normalized nucleic acid testing.

In addition to Hefei, Huainan City in Anhui, Jixi County in Xuancheng City, She County in Huangshan, and the High-tech Zone have also recently announced that they will suspend normalized nucleic acid testing every 5 days or 7 days. In addition, Jiangsu Tongzhou Bay Demonstration Zone and Jiangsu Mei’an City have also suspended the normalized inspection of regional nucleic acid testing.

Under the CCP’s “adherence to dynamic clearing and unswerving”, the normalization of nucleic acid testing has been questioned to increase the chance of cluster infection, while taking up a lot of residents’ time and harming the economy. However, amid public grievances, the National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China announced on May 9 that port cities, provincial capital cities and cities with a population of 10 million would establish nucleic acid “sampling circles” within 15 minutes’ walk. Nucleic acid testing has become a hot and lucrative industry, and people from all walks of life have joined.

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However, the authorities later announced that local governments were prohibited from using medical insurance to pay for normalized nucleic acid testing. Since normalized nucleic acid testing requires huge investment, the increasingly tight local government finances are difficult to support, and the “nucleic acid fever” has cooled down. Many places have reduced the frequency of testing and even asked citizens to pay for nucleic acid testing.

On June 9, the National Health and Medical Commission of the Communist Party of China changed its tune and said, “If there is no epidemic and there is no risk of importation, nucleic acid inspection should not become the norm.” Subsequently, many places began to cancel and suspend normalized nucleic acid testing.

The CCP’s policy of clearing the epidemic prevention and control, especially the large-scale lockdown, has had a huge impact on the economy. The main economic data in the mainland fell across the board in April.

However, when Xi Jinping inspected Sichuan on June 8, he once again emphasized his insistence on dynamic clearing and unswerving. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has recently led the economic rescue operation, proposing a “nine no-forbidden” measures not to be one-size-fits-all in epidemic prevention.

Zheng Xuguang, an economist based in the United States, told The Epoch Times on June 21 that the majority of the Politburo and the core of the entire party disagree on the dynamic clearing. Now things are actually moving in the direction of the Politburo majority. On May 25, Li Keqiang held a meeting of 100,000 people to save the economy, which was a turning point. The authorities have begun to make appropriate adjustments to the dynamic reset.

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A team led by Shanghai experts Zhang Wenhong and Ma Xin published a research report on an English publication under the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention on June 18, revealing that the overall severity rate of Omicron patients with the new coronavirus was 0.065%, and the non-high-risk group was severely ill rate is zero. The report was deleted a few days later.

Dr. Lin Xiaoxu, a former U.S. Army Research Institute virus researcher, told The Epoch Times on June 21 that Zhang Wenhong’s report reconfirmed the international consensus on the Omicron variant, indicating that the results of the so-called nucleic acid test were completely relied on, and a large number of people were transferred and quarantined. It will only seriously increase the burden on the medical system, destroy people’s normal life, and bring unnecessary heavy damage to the economy of the entire society.

Lin Xiaoxu also believes that the CCP’s epidemic prevention is clearly a political movement, not a real epidemic prevention. This has become a helpless reality in Chinese society, and it may be quite difficult to truly change the zero-clearing policy.

On June 21, the CCP’s Xinhua News Agency published a comment entitled “The foundation of economic stabilization is not yet firm, and a package of policies must be pushed to the end” in its publication “Ban Yue Tan”. The spread of Rong has affected all aspects of production, investment and consumption, increasing the downward pressure on the economy and bringing difficulties to “achieving the 5.5% annual growth target”. But it did not mention that it was caused by the lockdown measures. The comment also said that to stabilize the economy, “this is a more arduous task than epidemic prevention and control…”

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However, the aforementioned article in “Ban Yue Tan”, which talks about economic stabilization is more important than epidemic prevention and control, has been deleted and blocked from the entire network in mainland China.

Responsible editor: Li Muen

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