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Sustainable tourism, from Luiss Business School and Intrecci a master for new managers

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Sustainable tourism, from Luiss Business School and Intrecci a master for new managers

To train professionals who have the appropriate tools to promote the raising of the quality of our tourist offer, making it more competitive at an international level. Create a proposal that favors the increase in the demand for quality by Italian and foreign visitors and increases their stay, creating both economic and social added value. With these objectives, the master in sustainable tourism was born, organized by Luiss Business School in collaboration with the Intrecci Academy. The launch is scheduled for October 2022 at the Luiss headquarters in Rome and will continue at the Intrecci Academy in Castiglione in Teverina (Viterbo).

Pnrr objective

The new professional figures must have the ability and the skills to carry out the provisions of the Borghi Plan of the Pnrr which aims at sustainable and quality growth of the entire Italian territory starting from small communities and aiming at dialogue with national and local institutions.

The numbers of the sector

The coronavirus pandemic represented a watershed for the tourism sector: turnover decreased by almost 60% and total tourist presences more than 50% compared to 2019. Despite this, Italy remains one of the main international travel destinations and the tourism represents a fundamental sector for the economy. With reference to 2019 it is worth about 7.0% of GDP and 7.1% of the employed (almost 1.7 million employees). Including direct and indirect effects, it generates nearly 14% of total value added and employment.

Unexpressed potential

A positive picture but, Luiss Business School and Accademia Intrecci underline, «we are still facing a sector that does not express an adequate impact on our economy due to the shortcomings and segmentations present in our overall offer. An offer not able to adequately enhance the cultural, historical, artistic, landscape and food and wine heritage of our country “. The new professional figures that the master intends to create will be able to build an innovative tourist offer, integrated with local peculiarities, which can help transform the unexpressed potential of our territories into a concrete opportunity for development and enhancement of their own excellence.

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