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Suyu District, Suqian City: “Winter Training Lecture Hall” has begun! _China Jiangsu Net-jsnews.jschina.com.cn

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The Winter Training Lecture Hall has officially kicked off in Suyu District, Suqian City, with various initiatives aiming to empower party members and enhance their skills and knowledge. The program, titled “Sunflower,” is designed to infuse new vitality into party members during the winter training session in Xinzhuang Town.

Meanwhile, in Hanfeng Street, Yunlong District, Xuzhou, the “Light of Culture” initiative has been launched to support party members’ winter training efforts and help them achieve tangible results. The program aims to provide a cultural context to the training sessions and enhance the overall learning experience.

In Nantong Chongchuan Qinzao Street, winter training activities are focused on promoting reason and preaching the “voice” into people’s hearts. The program emphasizes the importance of practical reasoning in decision-making and communication within the party.

Lastly, in Jiangsu Binhai, grassroots party members are engaging in theory lectures as part of their winter training activities. These lectures are integrated into the “Three New” organizational activities within the Binhai Economic Development Zone, aiming to equip party members with the knowledge and skills needed for effective leadership and governance.

Overall, these initiatives highlight the commitment of party members in Jiangsu Province to continuous learning and improvement, even during the winter months. The various training programs aim to enhance the effectiveness of party members and empower them with the tools needed to serve their communities better.

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