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The death of a loved one always catches us unprepared. We would like to have a little more time, even just ten minutes, to tell her all the important things we haven’t told her. From one moment to the next that person disappears and we find ourselves trapped in a kind of armor – like that of seahorses, but tighter – and no more words come out of the body. Instead, the best way to overcome a bereavement is to talk about it with others, to be comforted, to invent small rituals to remember the loved one.

At some point, life takes over and begins again, but it would be a shame not to remember the beautiful things that person left us: it can be a passion for the sea, for electrical circuits or an unusual way of dealing with situations.

Sometimes adults think that children are not ready to hear about death. But in this way there is a risk of making it a taboo, that is, a forbidden topic. This is why we have chosen to publish an article that contains an imaginary dialogue between a psychologist and a teenager who is going through a difficult time.

The issue, however, also talks about the birthday of Pokémon, an infallible method to escape mosquitoes and absurd sports: have you ever heard of underwater hockey?

Internazionale Kids is a monthly for girls and boys. Publish the best of newspapers from around the world for readers aged 7 to 13. In this issue: we can talk about death, seahorses target, second-hand shops in Hong Kong, the birthday of Pokémon, what are the Pandora papers and much more.

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With the comic by Susanna Mattiangeli and Rita Petruccioli, the photos of the Drone photo awards, the absurd hats of Anna Keen. The cover is by Alessio Vitelli.


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