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Taiwanese Compatriots Gather for Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration in Fuzhou

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Taiwanese Compatriots in Rong City Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival Reunion

Fuzhou, China – As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, the Fuzhou Taiwan Compatriots Investment Enterprise Association organized a “Mid-Autumn Festival Nostalgia Rong City Celebration Reunion” on September 22. More than 30 Taiwanese compatriots and businessmen gathered to celebrate the festival and strengthen cross-Strait ties.

The event was filled with warmth and joy as Taiwanese compatriots participated in various activities, including cake betting, lottery draws, interactive games, and tastings of mooncakes and other delicacies. This Mid-Autumn Festival celebration allowed everyone to experience the festive atmosphere in advance and enhanced interaction between the compatriots.

With the recent promulgation of the “Opinions” by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, which supports Fujian in exploring cross-Strait integrated development, Taiwanese compatriots in Fuzhou expressed increased confidence and peace of mind in their investment, work, study, and living arrangements in Fujian.

“The atmosphere is very good. Thank you to the Taiwan Association for organizing such an event to let everyone celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival,” said Chen Xiaoting, a Taiwanese youth living in Fuzhou. For Chen, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a day of reunion, and being able to celebrate with fellow compatriots in Fuzhou brings a sense of home. Chen is an entrepreneur in the local media industry who shares Fuzhou’s stories through videos. With her video account named “One Person and One Dog Traveling in Fuzhou,” she promotes Fuzhou’s intangible cultural heritage projects such as cork painting production, Xiniang culture, and Xiluo production. Chen believes that the integration between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait has been deepened, thanks to the introduction of the “Opinions.”

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The Fuzhou Taiwan Association, established in 1994, is a non-profit social organization comprising Taiwanese compatriots and Taiwanese enterprises investing in Fuzhou City. Over the years, the association has grown from over 100 members to more than 400 members. The association frequently organizes activities to help Taiwanese compatriots integrate into Fuzhou better. Jiang Peiqi, president of the Fuzhou Taiwanese Association, emphasized that the “Opinions” not only reflect the deep connection between both sides of the Taiwan Strait but also promote cross-Strait integration to a deeper and more solid level. The association plans to unite internally and work together to share the benefits with fellow compatriots on the island. They aim to attract more Taiwanese compatriots and Taiwanese companies to participate in Fuzhou’s digital economy and contribute to its high-quality development, fostering a win-win situation.

As the Mid-Autumn Festival draws near, events like these bring joy and foster stronger relationships across borders. The celebration serves as a reminder of the common heritage shared by compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and emphasizes the importance of cultural exchange and integration for a harmonious future.

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