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Taizhou, Jiangsu: The owner of a wonton shop becomes the “National Reading Promotion Ambassador”, making the city full of books.

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Taizhou Resident Chang Meigui Named “National Reading Promotion Ambassador”

In a heartwarming turn of events, Taizhou resident Chang Meigui, the owner of a wonton shop, has been appointed as the “National Reading Promotion Ambassador” for her dedication to literature and writing. This announcement was made during the 2024 “World Book Day” Taizhou Xingao District National Reading Exhibition.

Chang Meigui’s journey to becoming a literary figure started in her younger years when she developed a passion for writing. Despite facing various challenges, including limited educational opportunities and financial constraints, Chang Meigui never gave up on her dream of expressing herself through words.

After running a wonton shop to support her family, Chang Meigui found solace in writing once again when her daughter went to college. She began penning down her thoughts and experiences, eventually gaining recognition for her work in various newspapers and periodicals.

The power of Chang Meigui’s storytelling attracted a community of literary enthusiasts to her wonton shop, turning it into a cultural hub where people gather to share their love for literature. Her simple yet profound narratives resonated with readers from all walks of life, sparking discussions and connections among patrons.

Chang Meigui’s impact on the local literary scene was further highlighted when she opened a new store, “Rose’s Date Reading Bar,” where visitors can enjoy wontons on the first floor and participate in literary events on the second floor. This unique blend of food and culture has attracted even more visitors, cementing Chang Meigui’s status as a beloved figure in the community.

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As Chang Meigui continues to inspire others with her writing and dedication to promoting reading, her story serves as a reminder of the transformative power of words and the importance of nurturing a love for literature in our daily lives.

Reproduced and modified from: Junction Point, Xinhua Daily, and its subsidiary newspapers.

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