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Támara firefighters suspend emergency care due to lack of resources – news

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The Támara Fire Department reported that they were forced to suspend the provision of fire services and the transfer of patients due to the lack of resources to meet all their obligations.

The relief agency requires financial support to supply the tax, fiscal, labor, technical, operational and other areas that the law considers for the development of its activity in Támara, where they assure the previous year they did everything humanly possible to guarantee the response efficient and effective timely response to any emergency call.

The Firefighters assure that there is a lack of will on the part of the municipal administration: “Knowing that the obligation to guarantee that this service is provided belongs to the Lord Mayor Leonel Rodríguez Walteros, as the first authority and in compliance with the constitution and the law. We apologize to our community but our institution became unsustainable”.

Mayor’s Response

For his part, the Mayor of the Municipality, Leonel Rodríguez, stated that the Firefighters presented a budget that exceeds 200 million pesos, which is impossible to meet since the current one approved by the council is 124 million, money with which supply all kinds of emergencies and calamities.

The president assures that in the 2023 budget he allocates 30 million pesos for relief agencies, however he presented a proposal of 75 million which was not endorsed by the Fire Department.

Rodríguez Walteros highlighted the work of the Firefighters and assured that he hopes that the situation will be resolved in the best way for the well-being of the community.

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Source: news – HOLA Casanare

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