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Tamayo is serious about the governorship of Valle

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Tamayo is serious about the governorship of Valle

Councilman Fernando Tamayo’s candidacy for the Governor of Valle del Cauca, which was a rumor in recent weeks, will be confirmed as of today.

In a press conference called for 10:00 AM -in the Executive Club-, the conservative leader will officially present his aspiration for the first position in the department.

Tamayo has already registered his candidacy with the directives of his party and hopes to receive the conservative endorsement, but he is also taking steps to get other parties to join…

As Fernando Tamayo has been one of the few critical voices of the local administration since the Council, which has given him a position in the sectors of opinion and among dissatisfied citizens, his bet is that the city gives him an interesting party, to which hopes to add support in the municipalities.

In fact, although he will only speak publicly until today about his aspiration to the first position in the department, Tamayo has been visiting municipalities for several weeks and already has work teams in various locations.

Although the blue community is not at its best moment, in Valle del Cauca there is more conservatism than the Conservative Party, which could lead to the candidacy of Fernando Tamayo arousing emotion in conservative municipalities in the north of the Valley.

In Cali, the former conservative mayor Ricardo Cobo announced his support for his fellow party.

Graffiti learned that the former Defense Minister and former Colombian ambassador in Washington, Juan Carlos Pinzón, has already announced that he will come to Valle del Cauca to campaign for Fernando Tamayo and is taking steps in Bogotá to seek the support of other communities for the councilor.

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Until now it seemed that there would be no competition for the Governor of Valle del Cauca, but Fernando Tamayo’s candidacy comes to spice up an election that seemed to be won by former governor Dilian Francisca Toro…


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