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Tariq Sharif writes: Where is the Union of Banks?

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Tariq Sharif writes: Where is the Union of Banks?

Sudanese Net:

In such circumstances, in which it was supposed to have a presence, the Union of Banks disappeared from the scene.

The Union of Banks, according to the law, is an advisor to the Central Bank of Sudan, and hopes were placed on it to at least play a role in dealing with the banking crises at this stage, but it has retreated into a deserted corner.

The head of the Union of Banks, Abbas Abdullah, traveled to his family in the Barkal area at the beginning of the events, where he was cut off from the network and communication, while his deputy, Taha Al-Tayeb, disappeared under mysterious circumstances!

The director of the Gulf Bank, the bank affiliated with the Janjaweed, Abdul Khaleq Al-Samani, is still a leader in the union even after his escape outside Sudan.

The Union has in its record an orphan statement issued at the beginning of the war about the encroachment and looting that took place on banks. In this statement, the Union did not condemn the Rapid Support Militia, but was content with gray constructive words.

The Union of Banks is absent from the scene at a time when Sudanese banks are exposed to the worst crisis in their history of plundering, destruction, and a crisis of faltering and closing.

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