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Tatacoa Race arrives with the second edition and new purposes in 2023

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Tatacoa Race arrives with the second edition and new purposes in 2023

Follow all the registration details for the second edition of the Tatacoa Race in the mythical desert in Huila.

Mountain biking and gravel lovers will have a new edition of the successful Tatacoa Race in the department of Huila.

This test for professionals and amateurs continues to gain strength, after the great results at the sporting, economic and institutional level that positively impacted the North of the department of Huila (Villavieja, Tello and Baraya), which has the majestic and demanding Tatacoa desert.

“Our primary objective is to provide a unique experience in the desert to all participants, to make their homeland with an event that will bring together not only the best talent, but also lovers of cycling and this wonderful sport. Contribute to the social equity of the country through our alliance in the second edition with the “Esteban Chaves Foundation” and contribute to the protection of the environment, announced Diana Isabel Herrera, one of the Co-founders of this sporting event.

It will be a new opportunity for mountain bikers who will experience stages to test the training of hundreds of athletes. The first year of the Tatacoa Race, participation was high with more than 650 participants competing to reach the finish line first.

But 2023 comes with this new challenge for bicycle lovers that will have several luxury guests such as Mónica Calderón and the multi-champion of the Titan Desert, the Spanish Josep Betalu and hundreds of participants who want to test their abilities in the desert. .

“We are very happy that events of the magnitude of the Tatacoa Race join social reasons like ours “Esteban Cháves Foundation” and that we can continue expanding our message and values ​​of optimism, perseverance, discipline and camaraderie. With events of this type we can reach more people and support more boys, girls, youth and adolescents”, stated Brayan Cháves, who is part of the foundation and this time will participate again in the second edition of the Tatacoa Race.

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It will not only be an opportunity for athletes to have a great experience, but also to activate the economy, tourism and jobs that sport impacts in the north of Huila.

“Tatacoa Race is a certified BIC company. Our main objective is to provide a unique experience in the Tatacoa desert, with concrete actions to promote the well-being of its participants, contribute to the social equity of the country and contribute to the protection of the environment. environment,” Herrera said.

The new appointment will be for June 9, 10 and 11, a special date, since it will be close to the feast of San Pedro. A perfect excuse to hit the ‘roll’ and fall in love with this region that every year attracts not only tourists, but also athletes.

Registration will close on March 30, so lovers of this sport who want to take part in this iconic race can do so at this link:

Without a doubt, it will be an opportunity to not only learn about the country’s geography, but also the new names that this sport has, which each year adds more athletes and more female participation.

Villavieja, Tello and Baraya in Huila will be the favorite place to test themselves and be the epicenter of the consolidation of the Tatacoa Race as one of the must-see races for athletes and tourists in the country.


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