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Tax credit for energy companies, an impossible run-up to increases

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Tax credit for energy companies, an impossible run-up to increases

The costs for businesses

To realize how difficult the situation is, it is sufficient to look at some examples referring to the second quarter of this year (April-June), and therefore preceding the latest increases in bills and the latest regulatory interventions.

Let’s take the real case of a company that produces building goods and materials, with a single meter and an available power of 98 kW (see examples on page). If in the first quarter of 2019 he had paid an average of € 0.08 per kWh for electricity, in the first three months of this year he saw the bill grow to € 0.33 per kWh. The increase largely exceeds the minimum threshold to access the tax creditwhich in relation to the second quarter is worth approximately 3,350 euros.

The problem is that – in the same period – the expenditure for the energy component was around 22,330 euros, with an increase of 16,780 euros compared to 2019 levels. F24 – taxes, withholdings and contributions – the construction company of our example still has to face higher costs for about 13,400 euros in the quarter.

October, November and beyond

In the third quarter (July-September) for non-energy-intensive companies with meters equal to or greater than 16.5 kW – such as the one in the example – the tax credit it remained at 15 per cent. But there has been a further increase in costs, with the average Pun almost doubling. Therefore, for the same consumption, the higher cost for electricity left to the companies, net of the bonus, increased in absolute value.

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For the months of October and November, however, the tax credit doubles to 30 percent. Undoubtedly a positive help, which however does not stop the impossible pursuit of price increases.

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