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Tax Decree: clash on citizenship income

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For now, with the green light of the Cdm for the tax bill, the refinancing of citizenship income is expected with an additional 200 million for 2021 but Lega, Forza Italia and Italia viva have asked to change the measure in the budget law. Harsh confrontation in the Council of Ministers: “It is mocking – the reasoning of Development Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti who, according to what has been learned, strongly opposed – to use the money of those who worked hard for a similar measure”.

The ‘front’ that aims to change citizenship income has clashed with the 5-star Movement and the Democratic Party. The accusation is that for the refinancing for 2021 resources were removed from emergency income (90 million), early access to retirement for tiring and heavy work (30 million), access to retirement for early workers (40 million) ) and parental leave (30 million). In the next Council of Ministers on Monday on the budget law, it will be decided whether and how to correct the measure and how to finance it for the next few years, with Prime Minister Mario Draghi aiming to strengthen active policies.

The goal of Lega, IV and FI is to immediately stop the financing of citizenship income for 2022. “These are very high figures, we can no longer afford them”, remarked a minister at the end of the meeting of the CDM which began in delay for the comparison between the regions and the minister Orlando on the rules related to safety at work. In the meeting, the three political forces asked to immediately think about how to change the measure. There is no willingness to accept further refinancing, the halt of Lega, Iv and FI. To defend the measure, the 5-star Movement and the Democratic Party. Prime Minister Draghi would have postponed the confrontation. The discussion on this will take place on Monday at the next Council of Ministers. «I hope that the final version of the law decree does not contain these rules. Yes to financing but what seemed unacceptable to the League is that the financial coverage of the regulation on the financing of the last three months of citizenship income was wrong. I hope that the final version of the law decree does not contain this rule with 40 million euros unused for the retirement of early workers, that is, people who started working at 15. With 40 million of arduous jobs »says the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti.

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«While the deputy minister Todde for 12 hours has been trying to close the most important dispute of the Mise, the minister Giorgetti is on vacation in Varese, during the electoral campaign, insulting the citizens who live below the poverty line. Asking them to remove their citizenship income. Let him go back to Rome to work »say M5S sources.

If the political front is split, an endorsement to the decree arrived in the evening Confcommercio, which in a note to the dl approved today in the council said it was “satisfied with the measures on readmission within the terms for scrapping ter and for the balance and removal of the folders tax rates, as well as the refinancing of the measures to equate the COVID 19 quarantine to the disease “. The business organization then welcomed the continuation of the emergency social safety nets for the tertiary sector until 31 December 2021. “They are useful measures and to be strengthened to deal with the economic and social impact of the pandemic: a profound impact that still persists “.

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