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Taxi driver shot in the Santa Ana neighborhood of Manta

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Taxi driver shot in the Santa Ana neighborhood of Manta

Hitmen shot down a taxi driver in the Santa Ana neighborhood, in the Eloy Alfaro parish, in Manta. this Saturday, December 9, 2023.

It is violent act It was recorded after 2:00 p.m., according to information issued by the Police.

The specialized units were collecting information about an armed attack recorded on 4 de Noviembre Avenue when the alert about another event was generated.

On a section of 323rd Street in the Santa Ana neighborhood, a taxi was attacked by bullets by armed men.

The victim was identified as Cristopher Pin Pilay.

As a result of this, the driver of the unit died instantly. The body was left inside the vehicle.

This happened in front of the Paquisha educational unit. The residents indicated that they heard more than ten shots.

Dinased agents arrived at the scene to begin the investigations.

Relatives and friends of the victim arrived at the scene and witnessed scenes of pain.

The unit belongs to the executive service company Execuour registered in the city of Manta.

After completing the respective procedures, the taxi driver’s body was taken to the forensic center.

All the complete information, with photos, tomorrow in our printed edition.

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