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Tea entrance, knowledge into the heart, popular science “tea party” enters the old district of Yimeng-Chinanews.com

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Tea entrance, knowledge into the heart, popular science “tea party” enters Yimeng old district

As the country’s highest latitude tea producing area, what challenges does the Shandong tea industry face? Shandong green tea has chestnut aroma, is it related to chestnut trees? In late September, in the chestnut and tea gardens in Daogang Village, Feixian County, Shandong Province, Dr. Song Lubin, a researcher and science and technology commissioner from the Tea Research Institute of the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Tea Research Institute), was patiently and meticulously explaining the mystery. On the same day, the “Chinese Chestnut Fragrant Tea in Autumn Tea” held here by the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences attracted more than 80 people including experts, tea companies, and villagers.

Daogang Village, located in the hinterland of the old revolutionary base of Yimeng, is a remote village with fruit tea as the leading industry. The core base of Yimeng Xuejian Organic Tea Garden is located here. For a long time, people here grow tea, drink tea, and sell tea, and they have accumulated a lot of experience in years of hard work. However, they are always missing something in the process of making use of the industry to realize a good life.

It is the idea of ​​Wang Xiangfeng, secretary of the Party branch of the Tea Research Institute, to ask the science and technology commissioners to move the popular science training to the fields. He told reporters: In the tea garden, we invite science and technology commissioners, experts, tea farmers, etc. to gather together, picking autumn tea, while sharing training, learning and practicing simultaneously; then sit down, tasting tea, and talking about tea. The tea is delicious. Knowledge into the heart.

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Because it is located in the north, the temperature difference between day and night is extremely large, so green tea grows slowly in Shandong. For this reason, Shandong green tea has the characteristics that southern tea does not have. The Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences evaluates the green tea of ​​Shandong Rizhao as: high aroma, strong taste, thick leaves and resistance to brewing. It is a high-grade green tea in China.

Chestnut fragrant is a common feature of Shandong green tea. It is widely loved by consumers because of its rich aroma, fresh mellow and dryness. So, is the aroma of green tea chestnut related to the chestnut tree?

“There is no necessary connection.” Song Lubin said, the chestnut aroma of green tea is mainly formed during the tea making process. So far, more than 700 tea aroma substances have been isolated and identified, and chestnut fragrance is a comprehensive presentation of various aroma substances.

Wang Xiangfeng believes: “At present, the northern tea processing technology still needs to be improved, the standard system is not yet complete, and the popularization of tea technology and tea culture needs to be strengthened.”

The Tea Research Institute is the organization and implementation unit of the scientific and technological commissioners of the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Wang Xiangfeng knows the mission of the scientific and technological commissioners: the problems in the tea industry and the needs of tea producers and consumers are the scientific research and innovation topics of the tea research institute. .

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The reporter learned that at present, the Tea Research Institute is exploring the establishment of a mechanism for promoting agriculture through science and technology of “technical commissioners and experts helping enterprises, enterprises lead industries, and industries rich in rural areas”, and is committed to building a technologically leading Qilu model for rural revitalization in tea-producing areas.

Since April this year, the Tea Research Institute has implemented a Baocun station in Daogang Village, Liangqiu Town, and has appointed science and technology commissioners and tea doctors to work in the local Shandong Xuejian Tea Co., Ltd. They focused on the construction and management of 400 acres of core tea gardens, and targeted demonstrations and promotion of tea garden green prevention and control, lightly simplified cultivation and overwintering protection, tea quality improvement and other production technologies, which promoted the revitalization of Feixian tea industry and the creation of Shandong famous tea products. .

It is reported that the tea industry in Shandong has achieved rapid development. As of 2020, there are 10 cities and 40 counties in the province that produce tea, with an area of ​​408,000 mu of tea gardens, an annual output of 26,000 tons, and an annual output value of more than 4 billion yuan for dry tea. The northern high-quality tea producing area with the highest latitude and largest area. There are 1,610 tea processing enterprises of various types in Shandong Province, including 18 provincial-level leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization. The influence of Shandong tea brand has been further enhanced, and 10 local regional public brands have obtained geographical indication certification trademarks.

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