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Teachers can now track attendance in the Member Tools app

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Teachers can now track attendance in the Member Tools app

A new feature in the Member Tools app makes it easier for teachers and adult classroom secretaries to roll up and record class attendance.

Member tools, a mobile application from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is available in 47 languages. It is the one-stop application for tools that help Latter-day Saints fulfill their callings, serve in the temple, and connect with other members of the Church. Includes ward and stake calendar and address book, meetinghouse locator, temple and missionary service tools, and more.

One of the six typical users of Member Tools is the teacher, according to Justin Krebs, director of production for Member Tools. Starting in January 2023, teachers can use the app to view a list of everyone in their class and their home location on a map, and can send them messages.

Member-Tools-appUsing the Reports feature, teachers can now easily record class attendance directly in the Member Tools app.Download Photo

Now adult Sunday School, Primary, Young Women, Aaronic Priesthood, Relief Society, and Elders Quorum teachers, along with their secretaries, can easily track class members’ attendance directly in the app , eliminating the need to keep inconvenient paper attendance records.

The general presidency of the Sunday School hopes that the Attendance feature will continue to help teachers minister to each member of the class.

“This new ability to record attendance will be a great blessing to all of us as teachers,” said the Sunday School general president Mark L. Pace. “This helps us be more attentive to the people in our class. If we care for them, we can minister in a more personal way. Ministering and teaching go hand in hand in blessing and supporting each member of our class.”

To record attendance, from the menu select Reports, then select Class and Quorum Attendance.

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Android-Attendance-Combined.pngTeachers can now record class attendance within the Member Tools app (for iOS and Android devices). This image shows the Attendance feature on an Android device.Download Photo iOS-Attendance-Combined.pngTeachers can now record class attendance within the Member Tools app (for iOS and Android devices). This image shows the frequency function on an iOS device. Download Photo

With the class rosters feature turned on last year, a youth Sunday School teacher used the Member Tools app to see who was enrolled in her new class and where they lived. She visited each class member and their parents at home to learn more about them and their preferred way of participating in the lesson and to let them know that she cared about them. Because she had already begun to minister to her students naturally, they were more comfortable participating. This teacher is using this information in Member Tools to help students in the class and invite them to participate in lessons and class activities. When teachers record class attendance, this information is automatically added to the Quarterly Report, making it very the work of the ward archivist in compiling and sending the report every quarter is easier.

Member-Tools-app-attendanceTeachers can now record class attendance within the Member Tools app. Download Photo

What’s new in Member Tools 5.0

In Member Tools 5.0, available March 2024 for Android and iOS devices, class attendance will be in a tile on the home screen, making it just one tap away. A new home screen with configurable tiles, similar to the “Home” screen in the Gospel Library app, will provide quicker access to tools. Version 5.0 it also has better support options for learning how to use features, and has improved access for managers and the recorder to view reports and manage documents.

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Developers are always looking for feedback and ideas from users to continue improving features. To comment, select the Help option from the app menu, then select Send Feedback.

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