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Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code v5: New features for developers

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Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code v5: New features for developers
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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

A new version of Teams Toolkit für Visual Studio Code is here and offers numerous improvements for developers. For example, the development of teams apps has been simplified. In addition, new functions make this possible Debugging of Botsdie Integration mit Microsoft 365 and the Using existing web app projects.

Flexible and combinable automation

One of the new functions is the flexible and combinable automation. Developers can now create individual tasks and group them together to automate setup and recurring actions during Teams app development. This automation is controlled in a YAML file in the project directory, giving control over the flow and customization of the input and output values.

Integrated tunneling for debugging bots

A customizable tunneling solution allows developers to customize debugging, deploying, and publishing steps. For example, with the new release, developers can automate the creation of a Teams app registration and store the generated endpoints in environment variables. This makes debugging bots easier and allows using any tunneling solution.

Other innovations in the Teams Toolkit

In addition, the Teams Toolkit now offers the ability to build, debug, and deploy Outlook add-ins. Developers can also leverage the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to extend solutions to Outlook and other Microsoft 365 applications. The toolkit includes project templates and examples to get you started.

In addition, the user experience has been improved. Project templates are now easier to find and can be customized to suit your needs. Also, some examples can be run directly in the GitHub codespaces.

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