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Technology and financial sanctions against the U.S. without force can also disintegrate the CCP (Photos) | Li Huaiju and Yuan Gongyi | COVID-19 | Xi Jinping | United States

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Yuan Gongyi believes that with regard to the epidemic, the less Xi Jinping admits his mistakes, the more disgusted the West is, and the tougher the sanctions will be. The picture shows the Museum of the Communist Party of China. (Image source: Getty Images)

[Look at the news from China on August 16, 2021](Look at the report by Chinese reporter Li Huaiju)U.SHong Kong industrialist who lobbied with the West for about 14 monthsYuan GongyiA few days ago, it was revealed in the “Watch China” program that a proposal has been written and given to a certain country’s politicians, who believes that according to the current strength of the United States, as long as the CCP is sanctioned in terms of finance and technology, the CCP can be disintegrated even without force.

Yuan Gongyi pointed out that before the 90th COVID-19 report issued by the US intelligence agencies, the US government had regarded the Communist Party as an enemy and deployed missiles in areas surrounding China. Moreover, in addition to the United States, India, Japan, Australia and other countries have joined the fight against the CCP, and the United Kingdom has also sent aircraft carriers to support Japan. He believes that these short-range missiles have a great deterrent effect on the CCP. If the CCP uses force, these missiles will instantly blow up military bases in China.

Yuan Gongyi also revealed that he has written a proposal to a certain country’s dignitaries. In his proposal, he pointed out that “sanctions should continue to escalate until the CCP unconditionally surrenders.” The sanctions are mainly divided into financial and technological aspects.

In terms of finance, he suggested a total ban on investment or lending to Chinese companies, the United States should take the lead in cutting off all financial transactions with the CCP, and completely withdraw foreign capital from China and Chinese companies at home and abroad.

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A few days ago, SoftBank chairman Masayoshi Son announced that it would suspend investment in China to watch the changes. George Soros wrote in The Wall Street Journal that Xi Jinping is the most dangerous enemy of the open society in the world, and all Chinese are his victims.

Yuan Gongyi pointed out that not only Sun Zhengyi and Soros, but also Wall Street, technology giants and many American capitalists throughout the United States want to drive out Xi Jinping. He said that this is the same as their original purpose of driving off Trump. “These two people will influence the’development’ of these capitalists.” “These capitalists have made a lot of money in the past two to thirty years (from the mainland). They hope Keep making money like this”, just like the CCP’s powerful and Wall Street cooperating to make a fortune in a muffled voice. And Xi Jinping’s policies have broken their dreams of making money, so they want to oust Xi Jinping.

In the proposal, Yuan Gongyi proposed that the United States transfer all the debts owed by the CCP from the world and the Belt and Road countries to the U.S. “Their debts should be taken over by the U.S., and there is no need to pay back to the CCP.” However, there are two conditions: 1. When voting in a world organization, its voting rights are represented by the United States; 2. The right to claim compensation from the CCP due to the epidemic is also represented by the United States, that is, the United States will represent these countries in recovering losses from the CCP.

The U.S. already has sufficient evidence to prove that the CCP’s delay in reporting the epidemic has caused the spread of the new crown virus to the world. Therefore, the U.S. can sue the CCP in domestic and international courts, and can freeze CCP’s assets in the U.S. and around the world after being authorized by the courts. These assets are used as compensation for the epidemic.

In addition, Yuan Gongyi pointed out that once the United States obtains the voting rights of other countries, it can immediately kick the CCP out of the Security Council, the WTO, the World Health Organization and other international organizations; at the same time, the Republic of China (Taiwan) will replace the CCP until the CCP is a “transnational criminal group.” After disintegration, China will regenerate a new legal government before it can join the world organization again.

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As for financial sanctions, Yuan Gongyi also suggested that the CCP should be excluded from the global dollar system, such as the Association for Global Banking, Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT). According to reports, due to SWIFT’s efficiency and security, it almost monopolizes the entire cross-border remittance market. SWIFT is used by more than 11,000 banks, securities institutions and corporate clients in more than 200 countries around the world. Yuan said that once the CCP is excluded, all Chinese companies, banks and governments can no longer exchange US dollars or make cross-border remittances.

In terms of technological sanctions, the United States has more trump cards. Yuan Gongyi suggested that the United States cut off China’s optical fiber and cancel all IP addresses in China. “By then, there will be no Internet in mainland China,” and only the intranet. In addition, he also suggested that all American systems used in mainland China, such as Windows, etc., the United States can stop the system and cut off the export of Chinese chips and chip-related technologies at the same time.

Yuan Gongyi also suggested that the United States destroy China’s P2, P3, and P4 laboratories.

He believes that at this point, China’s society and economy are almost at a standstill. By then, the CCP will surrender unconditionally and demand peace talks with the United States. The United States wants to force the disintegration of the Communist Party. He predicts that China will become a federal state afterwards.

Yuan Gongyi emphasized that everything he did was not to fight for power. He spent the rest of his life to “destroy the Communists.” Only by eliminating the CCP can Hong Kong be saved. He also pointed out that his suggestion has been accepted by some people, “I said at the beginning that I would’contain and isolate the CCP’ until the soldiers came to the city and (the United States) negotiated with the CCP.” At present, Yuan Gongyi has been lobbying in the United States for nearly 14 months, and he has a better understanding of the Western situation and the strength of the United States. He bluntly said that the Communist Party can be eliminated without using force.

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With regard to the origin and spread of the epidemic, the Communist Party has always adopted an evasive attitude and has shifted the blame to the United States. Yuan Gongyi said that the more Xi Jinping does not admit his mistakes, the more the West will resent the CCP and the tougher the sanctions will be. “Nothing is impossible.”

He believes that the United States is the world’s leader and will assume the responsibility of the leader. “It is also possible to take over the debts of the world and pursue the CCP for the Wuhan epidemic.” He continued that after World War II, the world knew the status of the United States, so the United Nations headquarters was also located in New York. Now it is time for the United States to do “the boss should do things, lead the world against the CCP and eliminate the CCP.”

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