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Technology-driven content innovation is called to appear at the 29th Beijing International Book Fair-Qianlong.com·China Capital.com

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Technology-driven content innovation is called to appear at the 29th Beijing International Book Fair-Qianlong.com·China Capital.com

Source Title: Science and Technology Drives Content Innovation, Calling Out at the 29th Beijing International Book Fair

On June 15, the 29th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) with the theme of “Deepening Civilization Exchange and Mutual Learning” was grandly opened at the National Convention Center. This year’s Beijing International Book Fair focuses on offline, online supporting, and offline-online integration, creating a large-scale international cultural event that integrates copyright trade, publishing exhibition, cultural exchange, professional seminars, and reading promotion. Exchange feast. The digital content platform for children’s growth called Ming was invited to participate in the exhibition, bringing the latest products and innovative practices in the field of children’s digital content.

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This year’s Beijing International Book Fair is sponsored by the State Press and Publication Administration, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, the Chinese Writers Association, and the China Publishing Association. As the first large-scale offline-based international exhibition held after the epidemic, it attracted active participation of Chinese and foreign exhibitors. There are 56 countries and regions participating in the exhibition, the number of exhibitors is about 2,500, about 1,500 Chinese and foreign publishing and related institutions have participated in the exhibition offline, and more than 200,000 Chinese and foreign books have been unveiled. Among them are not only traditional physical book exhibitors, but also online publishing exhibitors and digital media exhibitors that emerged in the new media era. A splendid cultural event has begun.

Sense of technology+hobby Create children’s content imagination space

“Progress begins with interest”, the digital platform for children’s comprehensive content, called Calling, ushered in its debut at the Beijing Book Fair. The design and presentation of the booth also reflect the sense of technology and fun, creating an imaginative space for children’s content that integrates the three functions of display, experience, and interaction.


In the brand display area, Mingying used naked-eye 3D technology to vividly interpret the IP animation of Mingying, which attracted parents and children to stop here. Walking into the booth, you will be greeted by the interactive cultural wall of “Jiaojiao Digital Content Production Factory” presented in combination with digital interactive technology, which vividly presents the production process of the Jiaojiao content production team in the form of comics.


In the product experience area, parents and children will be able to experience the function called APP through the floor-to-ceiling display screen, and also use an independent ipad device to experience the convenience and interactivity of digital reading products immersively. In the game interaction area, exhibitors and visitors can participate in handmade picture books and creative collage activities, and collect stamps by punching cards to win a big gift bag. The much-loved chicken called IP image doll also came to the booth, paraded around the venue, and met and interacted with the children.



Deep understanding of children’s needs Technology drives content innovation

The “Research Report on China’s Children’s Reading Development” pointed out that with the popularization of digital reading habits in the whole society, children’s books should no longer be pure text carriers. High-quality children’s book content can be organically integrated with VR, AI, 5G and other technologies. Animation and pop-up books connect children’s audio-visual and tactile senses, making the overall reading process not limited to “reading”. In the context of information and digital age, children’s demand for high-quality content is increasingly personalized, convenient and intuitive.


As a digital content platform for children’s growth, Mingying continues to be driven by technology, and provides step-by-step and systematic content according to the developmental characteristics and acceptance of children of different ages. Stimulate children’s active learning interest through rich and diverse content such as online interactive content, IP animation, audio, video, and physical books.


Sun Leizhu, marketing partner of Mingjiao, introduced that the development of digital technology has made the forms of children’s content more diverse and made the content “live”. Users can deeply participate in the process of watching content by clicking, dragging, drawing, recording, etc. on the screen, and have a more immersive experience. In addition, Yelling relies on big data such as bounce rate, replay rate, participation rate, and emotional changes in the process of users watching content to judge their liking for content. Through user feedback big data combined with professional judgment to continuously iteratively optimize the content, it can meet the content needs of users more dynamically and accurately.

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In terms of content production, Calling has a professional children’s content creation team, including screenwriters, producers, art, design, animation production, audio and video creation, etc., which will be based on children’s psychological characteristics, behavior patterns, cognitive levels, etc. Finely polish the content in all aspects. A 15-minute piece of digital content has to go through 25-30 subdivided links. In fact, more than 100 people are behind the creation, integrating content production, technology research and development, publishing and other forces.

Deeply cultivate the field of children’s content Help children develop themselves

Since the IP image of Xiaoji Mingming was born in 2006, Mingming has continued to cultivate in the field of children’s content. Calling has more than 1,000 books with independent copyrights, covering traditional Chinese culture, popular science and humanities, children’s literature, etc. “Wright Science Library” and “Everyone “Puff”” two volumes of children’s books edited and drawn by Ming Jiao’s team were selected into the list of children’s picture books selected and recommended by experts organized by the Ministry of Education. The picture book of Chinese classic folk stories edited and drawn by Mingming team was selected as an excellent work of “National Press and Publication Administration Chinese Classic Folk Story Animation Creation and Publishing Project”. In response to the changes in the learning habits and needs of contemporary children, Mingjiao has created an innovative product model of online interactive content + offline physical books. Through multiple contents, it has built a scientific growth system and ladder to stimulate children’s interest in learning.


Relying on the content research and development capabilities that have been accumulated for many years, Yelling has successively expanded content products such as Yelling Reading, Yelling Aesthetic Education, Yelling Puzzle, and Yelling Little Writers, and developed a subscription-based APP matrix such as Yelling Picture Book, which is well received by parents. Approved and loved by kids. Calling has tens of millions of users, and its business covers 469 domestic cities and 37 countries and regions. At present, the overseas business has been focused on, and the overseas version of the called APP has also been launched.

Mingming insists on product design with children’s development rules and interests as the core, and attaches great importance to children’s sense of experience and sense of achievement. It hopes to provide children with not only high-quality content, but also give them better habits and the ability to acquire knowledge , Help children improve their self-knowledge system and improve their overall quality, so as to achieve self-growth.

Invited to participate in the 29th Beijing International Book Fair this time, as the official partner of the Beijing International Book Fair 2023 World Children’s Book Forum, Mingming will discuss the new development direction of the children’s content market with all walks of life in the industry. Yelling will also continue to carry out product research and development and content expansion around the development of children’s comprehensive abilities, continuously improve its own research and innovation capabilities, and provide children with interesting, effective, high-quality and rich digital content products.

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