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Telenet customers who switch to ‘free’ TV box still have to pay 50 euros: “We understand that it can be confusing”

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Subscribe to Telenet’s free new TV box and still receive a bill of 50 euros. It causes confusion among customers of the telecom operator, who emphasize that that amount does not have to be paid.

“Exchange your old decoder to the Telenet TV box for free.” Telenet customers received this message in e-mails from the telecom operator in recent months. This new TV box, which is being rolled out in our country, is a newer version of the digicorders and digiboxes that customers of the telecom operator use to watch TV, record and watch programs and watch films and series that include are offered via Streamz.

But it didn’t seem to be that free when a member of our editorial staff recently accepted the offer. The statement he received after the order stated that a one-off cost of 50 euros had to be paid. A call to Telenet taught him that he did not have to pay that, and he was not the first customer to call in surprise.

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The settlement from the email our reporter received. — © rr

According to Telenet spokesperson Bart Boone, the TV box is indeed free, but the bill in the email is still correct. “I understand that it can be confusing,” says Boone. “But this is correct. The 50 euros refers to the residual value that applies if someone does not submit his or her device in time after stopping or canceling their subscription with us.” Then, and only then, you have to pay that amount, he assures the customers.

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The Telecommunications Ombudsman Service has not yet received any reports from Telenet customers about this confusion. “But if you fear that you will have to pay for something while you were promised that it would be free, be sure to contact our service,” says ombudsman Luc Tuerlinckx.

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