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Televisions, bonus effect and scrapping: sales have quadrupled

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UDINE. Sales quadrupled, but not only: the scrapping effect is also felt on the average value of the televisions acquired, which after the introduction of the bonus, which came into force on 23 August, has risen by over 100 euros. This was reported by an ANCRA survey, the association that brings together retailers of electronic items and household appliances belonging to Confcommercio.

After a departure characterized on the opening day by discontent and controversy, due to the difficulties of activating the discount on the online platform of the Revenue Agency, sales are traveling with the wind in their sails, thanks to the scrapping discount, which as known is worth 20% of the purchase price and can reach a maximum amount of 100 euros.

Also according to the Ancra survey, the average purchase price ranges from 500 to 550 euros, a hundred more than before the bonus, and 60% of sales concern devices of at least 40 inches.


«It is going very well, apart from those few hours of confusion at the start of the bonus. People are tempted to change television and there are many customers ”, explains Andrea Liberti, director of the Euronics Bruno sales point of the Città Fiera di Torreano di Martignacco shopping center, just outside Udine. Confirmations also from another large chain in the sector such as Unieuro, which in Friuli Venezia Giulia has six brands.

“Sales – declares Massimo Pietragalla, manager of the Unieuro area – are going extremely well, even better than forecasts, perhaps also because the wait for the bonus had cooled down consumers, who flocked to it en masse with its entry into force “. As for the effects on sales, the estimates are of one million scrapped by the end of 2021, on an Italian market that is worth an average of 4 million “pieces” a year, as Pietragalla explains.

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If at a national level the sales trend in the first week of the bonus has exceeded forecasts, in Friuli Venezia Giulia it is going even better: “From the data collected in our six direct stores – reveals Pietragalla – sales are proportionally stronger than in the rest of Italy. It is difficult to identify the reason, but it is possible that, also for demographic reasons, the TV park in your region is older and therefore needs more updating ».


The funds allocated to finance the measure will be sufficient to cover no less than 2.5 million scraps, considering that the maximum amount of the discount is 100 euros. If it is true that according to some investigations (Facile.it had commissioned one last spring) the devices incompatible with the new Mpeg-4 digital terrestrial transmission standard would be more than 10 million, the financial endowment is more than sufficient today. to avoid the anxieties of the discount rush.

Discount recognized, within the limit of one television for each television subscription holder, until 31 December 2022 (subject to the exhaustion of funds, in fact) to all citizens who pay the TV fee or who are exempt from it for reasons of age (75 years ) and income.

In addition to ownership (or exemption) from the RAI fee, applicants must declare, on a specific form, that the scrapped or scrapped television was purchased before 22 December 2018, specifying its brand and model. In the event that the old appliance is not delivered to the retailer, the waste collection center where it was delivered must also be indicated, with countersigned by the collector.

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The scrapping bonus is not subject to any income ceiling. Instead, an Isee ceiling of 20 thousand euros is set for access to the tv-decoder bonus already in force from 18 December 2019: the discount can be used both for the purchase of a new TV and a decoder, within the maximum limit of 30 euros, cumulative with any scrapping discount.

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