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Tembici: the company behind the Bogotá Shared Bicycle System

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The day without a car and without a motorcycle in Bogotá is coming. This initiative led by the Ministry of Mobility and the Mayor’s Office is carried out within the framework of sustainability week and will take place next Thursday, February 2, from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm

Given this rule, citizens will have to resort to the public transport system or vehicles that do not emit any gas emissions such as bicycles. To this end, four months ago the Bogotá Mayor’s Office launched the ‘Shared Bike System‘, a project that offers sustainable bicycles and smart stations that provide information on the status of each of the vehicles, perform fast charges and check their availability at each station.

The system has software that allows access to complete and real-time information on the characteristics of trips such as schedules, travel times and most frequented areas. But who is behind this project?

Tembic is a Brazilian startup with experience in the implementation of shared bicycle systems in countries such as Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Last year, the company signed a contract with the Ministry of Mobility with the aim of implementing this system in the country’s capital.

According to Simón Pinilla, general manager of Tembici in Colombia, the company has produced excellent results in its first months of operation in Bogotá with more than 50,000 trips in the system, at least 15,000 users and routes that complete 340,000 kilometers of bicycle.

According to the manager, the system will have an operation of 300 stations throughout the city and more than 27 kilometers of operation. In addition, there will be 3,000 bikes available with both mechanical and electrical features.

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The contract is signed for 7 years and an investment of 10 million dollars is estimated in its execution. In addition to assuming the investment and risks, Tembici as a private company must contractually generate compensation for Bogotá. An example is the 290 bicycle workshops and 400 bicycle parking lots that have been implemented throughout the city.

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