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Ten spectacled bears have been photographed in Tatamá Park

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Ten spectacled bears have been photographed in Tatamá Park

Today, February 21, is the International Day for the protection of the Andean bear, also called the spectacled bear. In the Tatamá National Natural Park, camera traps were installed and ten spectacled bears have been photographed, a species considered to be in the vulnerable category. extinction.

This park was created in 1987 and has 51,900 hectares of the western mountain range in the municipalities of San José del Palmar (31,450 hectares in the Park), and Tadó (4,233 hectares in the Park) in the department of Chocó; Pueblo Rico, (9,100 hectares in the Park), Santuario (3,600 hectares in the Park) and Apía (4,233 hectares in the Park) in Risaralda and Águila (2,300 hectares in the Park) in Valle del Cauca.

Most of the Tatamá Park area, seventy percent, is located in Chocó. Currently, the Association of Municipalities of Tatamá Park, Amitatama, is chaired by Yina Marelvy Moreno, mayor of San José del Palmar.

Spectacled bears can have up to four cubs and weigh more than 170 kilos. It is a mostly vegetarian animal, which, by constantly migrating, disperses seeds over large surfaces, which is why it plays an important role in the renewal, conservation and future of Andean forests.

Vvalley of the Lagoons in San José del Palmar, Tatamá Park

Inside the Park is the Páramo Tatamá, located over 3,500 meters above sea level, known for its rugged geography and steep slopes, which has earned it the fame of the only virgin moor in the world and also one of the more inaccessible.

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In its territory, tributaries arise that drain into the slopes of the San Juan and Cauca rivers.

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