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Tennis, the 2nd category Italian championships still in Cagliari

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The event takes place at the Tc Cagliari for the fourth consecutive year. Best wishes to the 10 players from Sonego, winner of the ATP 250 this year

CAGLIARI. For the fourth consecutive year, the Second Category Men’s Italian Championships will be held on the courts of the Cagliari Tennis Club. And from Tokyo Lorenzo Sonego (at the Olympics he will defend the blue colors) sends his best wishes to the over one hundred “colleagues” who will compete on the clay courts of Monte Urpinu from today 22 July. «Best wishes – Sonego said to the players – I hope you will be able to express your best tennis. I am very attached to the Monte Urpinu club because I participated in the Davis Cup for the first time in 2020 and because I won an ATP 250 in those fields this year. Good luck for everyone ».

Up to 1 August 111 Italian players will take to the field in possession of a competitive tennis card valid for the current year and classified in the second category. The prize money is 13 thousand euros. The men’s singles and men’s doubles matches are scheduled. An edition that promises to be of particular interest both for the high number of subscribers and for the level of participants that counts several players with ATP ranking.

The favorites on the eve, at least for what the rankings tell, are the Roman Pietro Rondoni, 664 Atp and the landlord (plays with the Cagliari Tennis club) Emiliano Maggioli, twenty years old, 696 Atp. But also pay attention to the other 2.2 in the race. Among them Marco Mosciatti of the Tennis club Alghero, the Neapolitan Pasquale De Giorgio, the Ligurian Alessandro Ceppellini. Twenty-year-old Sardinian Marco Dessì, who grew up at the Margine Rosso di Quartu, now in Viterbo, will also be on the field to play for the final trophy, along with the Umbrian Gianluca Acquaroli, the Lazio Niccolò Catini and Daniele Spinnato and the Palermo Antonio Campo.

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The Sardinian patrol is also fierce with Luigi Corrias (island origins), Roberto Binaghi, Alberto Sanna, Federico Visioli, Gino Asara, Paolo Emilio Cossu Floris, Niccolò Dessì, Domenico Maria Cocco, Mattia Secci, Francesco Caddeo, Alessio Di Martino. Race judge Nicola Antonelli, tournament director Martin Vassallo Aguello who, with the teacher Andrea Lecca, will coordinate all the club staff. An important story, that of the second category Italian championships: among the most prestigious winners Corrado Barazzutti. It was 1970: the Davis Cup triumph came six years later. The matches will be broadcast live starting Monday from SuperTennix, the digital evolution of SuperTennis



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