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Tense air in Caivano, eviction of 419 illegal occupants – News

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Tense air in Caivano, eviction of 419 illegal occupants – News

The ‘great fear’ that has been circulating for months among the illegal tenants of the Parco Verde di Caivano materialized early this morning, when the police knocked door after door to notify the seizures of 254 apartments occupied ‘sine titulo’ ‘, that is, without having the right. These are 400 people who either leave on their own or will be forced and this, in a neighborhood of that complexity, creates a lot of worries. The spokesperson is Don Maurizio Patriciello, the anti-Camorra parish priest of Caivano: “it is a necessary action – he says – but how do we chase so many people out of their homes? Where do we put them?”.
The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Naples North, after the checks carried out in recent months by the Naples Flying Squad and the Afragola police station, by the Carabinieri of the Caivano Company and by the Frattamaggiore Gdf group, requested and obtained from the court the issuing of the seizure of 254 illegally occupied apartments owned by the Municipality, investigating 419 people for the crime of arbitrary invasion of buildings. The occupants were invited to voluntarily leave the occupied homes within a month; If this does not happen, explains the prosecutor directed by Maria Antonietta Troncone, the eviction will be carried out by the police.
An eventuality, the latter, which for now no one wants to even mention or think about, also because this morning the air was already heavy in the Green Park, although the notification of the seizures was not followed by any form of mobilization or protest. Some tenants, almost resigned, wondered “where can we go, this is the only house we have” and several were those who asked their parish priest, Don Patriciello, to support them. The priest, who for years has denounced the arrogance of the Camorra but also the many shortcomings of the institutions, admits that the seizure “is a necessary act of the Prosecutor’s Office in the face of a clear situation of illegality tolerated for too long, but – he adds – it is unthinkable to hunt 400 people at home, including many children. Where do we put them?”.
“Among the 419 people from Parco Verde investigated for the illegal occupation of municipal housing – explains the parish priest – there are many respectable ones, there are poor families with children who have perhaps had the house from relatives, who have incurred expenses for improve housing without everything, from fixtures to floors. If this situation has lasted for so many years it is due to the culpable inertia of successive municipal administrations. Of course – adds the priest – among the illegal occupants there are also Camorra members, and they must be kicked out, but we must distinguish on a case-by-case basis.”
Today the police forces, in addition to notifying the seizure decrees, which are valid as warnings for the suspects, have also walled up the vacant homes, to prevent any illegal tenant from getting the idea, in view of a possible eviction, to leave one’s accommodation and occupy another. In short, this morning’s intervention created some commotion, but – above all – anxiety and worry. “People have been coming to me since 7am – Don Patriciello continues -. Especially many women, worried about their children, because they wouldn’t know where to go. And I must say – he adds – that I spoke with some government representative who said he was surprised by the kidnapping and worried because the situation could become explosive. A political solution is needed. The judiciary is right to intervene to restore legality, but you cannot solve one problem and create another. Interior Minister Piantedosi himself, when he came to my parish, speaking with the people of Parco Verde, including many squatters, he said that he had come to improve their conditions”.

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