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Tesla cancels order for 4,000 cakes at the last minute: “They think they can afford everything”

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It’s a bit of a battle of David against Goliath, but Voahangy Rasetarinera, owner of an artisanal bakery in California, is still taking on the big Tesla after the car manufacturer canceled an order for 4,000 cakes in extremis. “They will pay,” says the entrepreneur.

Tesla ordered 4,000 cakes for Valentine’s Day for around 15,000 euros. “We were already making preparations. And then came the cancellation. They suddenly didn’t have to have the cakes anymore,” sighs Voahangy Rasetarinera.

First they only had to have 2,000 cakes. The quotation was approved. Afterwards they wanted twice as many. It would already significantly increase the annual turnover of the small bakery. Although they also realized that they had to step up their game and that they had to hire extra staff to get everything ready on time. But they were happy to take on the challenge.

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“You can be sure from a company like Tesla that they are true to their word, I thought. Not so.”

“We have changed our plans. The order is no longer necessary.” The bakery was informed of the cancellation with that dry email.

But Rasetarinera, who couldn’t believe it at first, doesn’t leave it at that. “They think they can afford everything.”

“I had invested time, resources and effort in the mega order. It doesn’t matter to me that they are now trying to blame each other within Tesla. I have suffered damage and demand that Tesla pay. Otherwise I will go to court,” she says.

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