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Texas Court rejects a new appeal by inmate Iván Cantú

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Texas Court rejects a new appeal by inmate Iván Cantú

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has denied a new appeal from Latino inmate Iván Cantú, who is facing execution next Wednesday for a double murder that occurred in 2000. Despite having some legal options left, Cantú’s fate seems sealed as he is expected to be put to death for the deaths of his cousin and his fiancée.

Maintaining his innocence throughout the years, Cantú has continuously denied his involvement in the crime. His defense team recently sought to prove false statements made by witnesses during his trial in 2001 and claimed that his court-appointed attorneys were ineffective. However, this last attempt to overturn his sentence was unsuccessful.

Cantú was convicted of the murder of his cousin, James Mosqueda, and his fiancée, Amy Kitchen, who were found shot to death in their Dallas apartment on November 4, 2000. The prosecution presented evidence during the trial, including blood-stained clothing found in Cantú’s apartment that matched the victims’ DNA, as well as a motive of theft – Cantú allegedly stole money, cocaine, and marijuana from the victims.

Despite the mounting evidence against him, Cantú and his mother maintain that he is innocent and allege that the evidence was planted. They also claim that they were not allowed to call any witnesses in his defense during the trial.

As the execution date approaches, Cantú’s mother is desperate to prove her son’s innocence and is pleading for a suspension of the sentence. With time running out, it seems that Cantú’s fate will be decided in the coming days as he faces the ultimate punishment for a crime he continues to deny committing.

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