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Thanks Obama!

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Thanks Obama!

Not only Colombia is plunged into chaos. The world, as a whole, is too. Countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Syria, Iran, China, Venezuela, North Korea and the territories in which Gaza and the West Bank are located, are currently permanent protagonists of the headlines everywhere. What’s going on? Why are we going through a period of so much conflict, so many problems? What has changed?

The Cold War accustomed us to the fact that the extinct Union of Soviet Socialist Republics -USSR-, the countries that made up the then Iron Curtain, Cuba and the United States, in addition to China with Mao’s cultural revolution, were the ones on which the conflicts of then. Now the panorama is so, so different, starting with the fact that today several of those states have already disappeared or have mutated. The current political map is very different from what the planet showed at the end of the 1980s. The USSR fell apart thanks to Gorbachev’s Perestroika, its natural allies, who were many, gained autonomy and independence, China has advanced with transformations that have allowed it to remain communist while living thanks to capitalism, Cuba subsists despite adversity and blockades and the United States is governed by a character who appears misplaced and lost.

The current situation is due to a very simple cause: the appearance of Barack Obama in American politics. Regrettable appearance, needless to say. Let’s see. The United States pulled the strings of global geopolitics for almost a century. He skillfully took over institutions like the UN and therefore the many entities attached to it, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, in short, he took over everything. Militarily, the United States continued to be the leading world power, it set the tone in everything related to international relations, it did not miss the slightest detail. Inexplicably, Obama appears, who had recently been elected federal senator – because previously he was only a state senator -, emerges within the Democratic Party and becomes president. Within that mediocre philosophy that he developed in his 2 governments -of 8 years-, of delaying the power of his country to focus on internal issues, the only thing he generated was the opportunity for others to occupy the empty space and there Troy began.

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China grew exponentially and Russia, which has been governed by an idiot for almost 3 decades, deployed their power, timid until then, and today we see them enjoying very influential positions that were unthinkable years ago. It was logical that the place abandoned by Obama would be assumed by others, ultimately historical enemies of his country. Without the United States in the equation, we see how the world is falling apart. The West, of which we are part, is in the sights of many; Russia invades Ukraine and even Venezuela incorporates the territory of Guyana without any voices being heard against it and no measures being taken as a consequence. And since last October 7, Hamas – an Islamist guerrilla group – invades Israel, commits the worst humiliations there that we have news of and a huge conflict breaks out, with thousands of dead, which today involves Syria and Iran direct.

“When the cat leaves, the mice have a party,” says a popular adage that we use a lot in Colombia. Well that’s what happened. Obama backed down, he took the United States by the paws and the rats took advantage of the opportunity. Nice! The only person responsible for what is happening is Barack Obama, that is why they gave him the Nobel Peace Prize, which has been highlighting those who do not deserve to be highlighted for many years. To go no further, remember that Juan Manuel Santos, yes, the same one, the president who was defeated at the polls by the NO, the one who twisted the neck of democracy by signing the so-called peace agreement, the that has us governed by a guerrilla, they gave it to him!

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Let’s march on Sunday to reject everything related to Petro!

Jorge Eduardo Avila

The entry Thank you Obama! was first published in El Pilón | News from Valledupar, El Vallenato and the Colombian Caribbean.

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