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that time he called Al Pacino an idiot (but then saved his career)

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that time he called Al Pacino an idiot (but then saved his career)

Al Pacino and Diane Keaton lived an intense love story. When the Scarface star’s career suffered a setback, Woody Allen’s muse played a crucial role in helping him get back on track. Not before, however, calling him an idiot in front of his lawyer.

Al Pacino e Diane Keaton they are two authentic legends of international cinema. The actors, both winners of the Oscar Awardthey acted side by side in it The Godfather (1972), masterpiece by Francis Ford Coppola. It was on the set of cult that, between them, the spark struck for the first time. Their relation, however, began much later, towards the end of the 1980s. The story we are going to tell dates back to the period before their love. Precisely, to the fundamental role that Keaton played in reviving the fortunes of career of the colleague.

“The first time I met Al Pacino – said the star of Me and Annie a Republicin a 2017 interview – we had arranged to meet in a bar because we had to audition together for The Godfather. He ordered a drink for me without asking me what I wanted. She was bossy but sexyhe talked about acting, he quoted unknown authors who would become famous, he was sharp, athletic, nervous: he was male, and therefore seductive”.

The Godfather: 50th Anniversary Official Trailer – HD

Their love story, which blossomed in 1987, ended in 1990, shortly after the release of The Godfather – Part III. “I was finally ready for the marriagenot him – he confessed Diane Keaton in 2014 – And I don’t think a long-term happy marriage would have been easy for him. So it didn’t happen. I have never marriedit wasn’t a tragedy.” In any case, the two stars remained deeply linked by great affection and mutual respect.

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Dangerous Seduction: the film that relaunched Al Pacino’s career

Let’s take a step back, precisely to 1985, the year in which Pacino played a hunter during the American Revolutionary War in Revolution. The film of Hugh Hudson it was such a failure that it pushed the actor to retire from the scene for four years.

The intervention of Diane Keaton was crucial in bringing back the face of Tony Montana at the top of Hollywood. She was the protagonist of Marvin’s room to insist that the colleague accept the role of Frank Keller nel thriller Dangerous seduction (1989) by Harold Becker. A character for whom Dustin Hoffman was in negotiations and in which he was very interested.

In 2015, during an interview with the SAG-AFTRA FoundationAl Pacino said that, in that period, Diane Keaton he asked the plaintiff’s lawyer, “Do you know who he is?” . The lawyer, rather confused, replied yes. At that point, the diva exclaimed: “No, you don’t know at all: he’s an idiot and you will have to take care of him”. In that period, Pacino needed money and the friend believed that Becker’s film was the perfect opportunity to get back on track.

He said, ‘Al, come here, I’ve got something you’ll like: it’s you, why you need to get back in the game, you’re not on the A-list – here it is.’ She gave me Dangerous Seduction. She said, ‘This is a great opportunity for you.’ I knew I had to work and I accepted, I also needed money.

In the film, Pacino plays the role of a NYPD detective who hunts a ruthless serial killer. Made on a budget of $19 million, Dangerous Seduction it grossed over $110 million at the box office. The thriller really brought luck to the protagonist of Scarfacealso giving him a nomination for the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama.

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Since then, Pacino has never stopped working and has taken part in very successful films, including Scent of a woman (1992) – which earned him the Oscar – Insomnia (2002) by Christopher Nolan e The Irishman (2019) by Martin Scorsese. He is currently busy filming Modibiopic dedicated to the artist Amedeo Modigliani and directed by Johnny Depp. Later, she will return to act alongside Jessica Chastain in Shakespearean Lear, Rex…

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