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The 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China celebrates no flying, traffic restrictions, and rumors about arresting people | Communist Party Celebration | Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times, June 14, 2021](Epoch Times reporters Luo Ya and Zhang Yujie interviewed and reported) Before the CCP’s “One Hundred Years Party Celebration” on July 1st, there was a lot of rumors, and Beijing had begun to implement bans on flights, traffic control, and arrests and petitions. people. Some analysts analyzed in detail the factors behind the high profile of the CCP’s centuries after the founding of the Chinese Communist Party for The Epoch Times.

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No flights and traffic restrictions in some areas of Beijing

The Beijing Municipal Government of the Communist Party of China issued a notice on June 11, stating that from 0:00 on June 13, 2021 to 24:00 on July 1, 2021, Beijing’s Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai, Shijingshan, and Fangshan The administrative areas of nine districts, including Tongzhou, Tongzhou, and Daxing, are set as “clearance restricted areas.”

In the “clearance restricted area”, it is forbidden to launch drones, cross planes and other aviation models, kites, balloons, sky lanterns, etc., and the flying of birds is restricted in sections. For example, birds such as pigeons in Tongzhou District must be kept in captivity and are not allowed to fly; pigeons and other birds in the other 8 districts must be kept in captivity and not allowed to fly from 6 am to 15:00 every day.

From 21:00 on June 12 to the early morning of June 13, the first dress rehearsal before the party celebration on July 1 was held in Tiananmen, Beijing. Prior to this, on June 8, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a notice stating that from 14:00 on June 12 to the end of the event on June 13, the Tiananmen area and related roads will adopt traffic control measures in time-sharing and section.

Authorities arrested petitioners insiders to disclose the truth

Starting on May 22, villages and towns on the outskirts of Beijing began to clean up the migrant population. The Overseas Rights Defence Network reported that Beijing started the clearing of the site on June 12, and requested that petitioners who “obstructed viewing” should be cleared before the 15th, and that there must be no dead ends by the 20th.

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The Epoch Times reporter interviewed Wu Shiming petitioner Wuxi on June 13 and learned that the CCP had already begun to control the party celebration on July 1, and that Wuxi City where he is located “will never be allowed to go to (Beijing).”

Wu Shiming said: “Strictly guard against death and death. It is absolutely not allowed to go. If you catch it, you will be sent to jail. All kinds of black jails have started. When you come back, you will be beaten, and you will be beaten when you catch it. Some are money. There is no bottom line for cruelty.” Now, as soon as I buy a ticket, I will call you back. If it is too late, I will bring you back to the train station. If it is too late, I will block you in Beijing.”

Regarding the CCP’s “stability maintenance” method, Wu Shiming described: “The cruelty has no bottom line and it will kill you. The nominal stability maintenance on our side is actually robbery and murder. You have not personally experienced it. It is incredible.”

Wu Shiming became a petitioner because his ancestral home was illegally demolished in 2014. At that time, he was violently beaten and passed out and maimed his right eye. His father saw off the handrail of the stairs due to the demolition company and fell from the second floor and was injured. He also heard that his son was injured. Tianhou died; Wu Shiming’s seriously ill mother committed suicide in despair after seeing the house demolished, and survived the rescue.

According to an interview with a petitioner in Fengtai District, Beijing, a reporter from Radio Free Asia learned that arrests had already begun in late May, and the police were looking for petitioners from house to house, asking them to go back, saying that they would go back to Beijing again after July 1st. Others have received notice from the public security that they will be “traveled” on the eve of July 1.

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Analysis: Why is the CCP’s high-profile “party celebration”?

Current affairs commentator Tang Jingyuan told Epoch Times reporters that the CCP’s Centennial Party Celebration should be held in a high-profile manner because this is the first of the CCP’s “two centennial goals”. The official statement is to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Whether a well-off society has truly achieved the goal is not important. What is important is that the CCP will use false standards to promote the CCP’s important step towards the so-called “great national rejuvenation.” This can consolidate and strengthen the legitimacy of the CCP’s governance.

Public information shows that the “two hundred years” respectively refer to the 100 years of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the People’s Republic of China. They were first proposed by the former party leader Jiang Zemin at the 15th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 1997, and the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was added to the Constitution of the Communist Party of China. During the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping changed the “two centenary” goals of Jiang Zemin’s period into “building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way” and “building a modern and powerful socialist country in an all-round way.”

Tang Jingyuan continued to analyze that in the first century of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping took this opportunity to launch a movement to revise the party history. On the one hand, it further strengthened the cult of personality and highlighted personal authority. On the other hand, it also used this opportunity to reverse the case of the Cultural Revolution and consolidate it. An increasingly left-turned political line. This is closely related to Xi Jinping’s quest to be re-elected or even governed for life at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China next year.

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Since the beginning of this year, the Beijing authorities have required all people to study the history of the Communist Party of China, and specially issued a new edition of the textbook on party history. However, the content of the Cultural Revolution in the new version of the Party History has been significantly downplayed and is no longer an independent chapter. It is said that the end of the Cultural Revolution from 1949 to 1976 was “a period full of hardships and twists and even major setbacks”, but still “achieved the socialist revolution and Build great achievements”.

In addition, Tang Jingyuan said that while Xi Jinping is propagating domestically, he is also pushing the red ideology in the international community. He wants to reshape the international order with the totalitarian system of the Communist Party of China and seize the right to speak in the international society. Reshaping the CCP’s international image and exaggerating the so-called “contributions” made by the CCP to the development of China and the international community has laid an important foundation for the CCP to reorganize its propaganda campaign, adjust its propaganda tone, and soften its image.

Feng Chongyi, a professor at the University of Technology Sydney and an expert on China issues, analyzed to Epoch Times reporters that the communists have always engaged in such things as “two centenary years”, such as the “five-year plan” and the “ten-year plan”. It is to consolidate the political power or expand the ideology of the political power and engage in the cult of personality. The encirclement and suppression of the international community will be transformed by it into a factor of “uniting around it.” For many leeks (common people), it uses the phrase “If the motherland is strong, you have dignity.” “This kind of low-level routine.

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