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The “14th Five-Year” National Informatization Plan is released!Deploy 10 major tasks to unblock the financing channels for netcom companies

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On December 27, the Central Cyber ​​Security and Informatization Commission issued the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Informatization” to make arrangements for my country’s informatization development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

The “Plan” puts forward the overall development goals of national informatization during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period. By 2025, decisive progress will be made in the construction of Digital China, the level of informatization development will be greatly improved, digital infrastructure will be fully consolidated, digital technology innovation capabilities will be significantly enhanced, the value of data elements will be fully utilized, the high-quality development of the digital economy, and the overall efficiency of digital governance will be improved. Focusing on development goals, the “Plan” has deployed 10 major tasks, focusing on deploying the next-generation smart facility system appropriately in advance, smoothing the financing channels of Internet and information companies, and creating an internationally competitive digital industry cluster.

  Deploy 10 major tasks

The “Plan” pointed out that during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, my country has achieved breakthroughs in some key core technologies such as integrated circuits and basic software. Since 2019, my country has become the world‘s largest source of patent applications, and the number of patent applications in 5G, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other fields is the world‘s largest. The information technology industry has further expanded and become stronger. The added value of the electronic information manufacturing industry has maintained an annual growth of more than 9%, and the software business income has maintained an annual growth of more than 13%. The strategic technology industry ecology is continuously optimized. At the same time, the digital economy has achieved leapfrog development.The total amount of my country’s digital economy ranks second in the world. In 2020, the added value of the core industries of the digital economy will account forGDPThe proportion reached 7.8%.

The “Plan” has deployed 10 major tasks around the established development goals. The first is to build a ubiquitous and intelligent digital infrastructure system, the second is to establish an efficient use of data element resource system, the third is to build an innovative development system that releases digital productivity, the fourth is to cultivate an advanced and safe digital industry system, and the fifth is to build a digital transformation of the industry. Development system. Sixth is to build a digital social governance system for co-construction, co-governance and sharing. Seventh is to build a coordinated and efficient digital government service system. Eight is to build an inclusive and convenient digital people’s livelihood security system. The tenth aspect of the cooperation system is to establish a sound, standardized and orderly digital development governance system.


Source: “The “14th Five-Year” National Informatization Plan”

The “Planning” emphasizes that efforts should be made to consolidate the level of digital infrastructure construction, to appropriately deploy the next-generation intelligent facility system in advance, and to deepen the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of public facilities. Deepen the popularization and application of 5G networks, and clarify the technical vision requirements of the sixth-generation mobile communication (6G). The commercial application of Beidou system and satellite communication network is continuously expanding. The integration of IPv6 and 5G, the industrial Internet, the Internet of Vehicles and other fields innovate and develop, and the intelligent level of infrastructure such as power grids, railways, highways, water transportation, civil aviation, water conservancy, and logistics has been continuously improved.

The “Plan” also pointed out that efforts should be made to exert the value of data elements and enhance the supporting capacity of the big data industry. Formulate the ability level standards for big data precision services, innovative services, collaborative services, etc., and carry out capacity assessments for companies on the supply side of big data technology, products, and services. Encourage the construction of big data application open source communities with domestic leading enterprises as the main body, enterprises, developers, and volunteers, carry out the promotion and use of domestic open source products and the development of testing and evaluation standards, and guide domestic open source innovation forces to export innovation to the international open source community in an orderly manner Results.

  Unblocked financing channels for internet and information companies

The “Plan” proposes to take digital industrialization as an important driving force to promote high-quality economic development, accelerate the cultivation of the information technology industry ecology, promote the transformation and application of digital technology achievements, promote the leap of the digital industry’s energy level, and support the development and growth of network and information enterprises. An internationally competitive digital industry cluster.

Regarding the financing of cybersecurity and informatization enterprises, the “Plan” proposes to use registration system reforms such as the Growth Enterprise Market and the Science and Technology Innovation Board to unblock diversified financing channels. Guide more Internet and information companies to focus on subdivisions, increase investment in technology, and enhance innovation capabilities. Give play to the drive capacity of the industry chain and supply chain of network information enterprises, and use information flow to promote upstream and downstream, coordinated linkages between production, supply and marketing, and the integration and development of large and medium-sized enterprises.

Specifically, encourage and guide the capital market to strengthen support for core technologies and strategic emerging industries, and build an investment and financing system involving industrial funds and social capital in a market-oriented manner. Innovate financial support methods, increase the overall planning of existing national science and technology plans, and support key core technology research and development and major technology test verification. Explore the identification of mortgageable assets and R&D investment based on cloud service usage, intelligent equipment and investment in digital transformation.Optimize intellectual propertyPledgeIn the financing system, we will increase financing support for small, medium and micro-network enterprises with stable operations and good reputation. Coordinate and do a good job in the protection of intellectual property rights in the information field, anti-monopoly, and fair competition review, and promote the independent and orderly flow and efficient allocation of innovative elements.

(Source: ChinaSecuritiesNewspaper)


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