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The 1st Beijing International Dance Video Art Season kicks off, and over 100 dance video works debut at the Beijing Film Festival-Qianlong.com.cn

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Source Title: The 1st Beijing International Dance Video Art Season kicks off, and over 100 dance video works make their debut at the Beijing Film Festival

Along with the opening of the Beijing International Film Festival, the first Beijing International Dance Video Art Festival, as an important section included in the film festival for the first time, officially kicked off at Langyuan Vintage recently. The guests gathered at the scene, along with 4 climaxes and the screening of different types of dance video works, a 16-day dance video carnival trip officially set sail.

At the opening ceremony of the art season, Zhang Haijun, president of the China Performance Industry Association, Sarina, a famous actor and vice chairman of the organizing committee, director Zhang Jigang, Fei Bo, the chief choreographer and director of the China Ballet, Cao Shuci, the chief star of the China Ballet, and the judges of the art season, Mai Zi, Zhang Yifan, Jiang Xiong, Lian Guodong, Zhan Li, Zhao Yuanhao and other guests were present.

Sarina said that although she is not a dance professional, she loves dance very much. The cross-border performance form of dance video not only broadens the boundaries of dance art, brings fresh vitality to both theater and film, but also attracts more audiences to appreciate the wonderful dance art. Fei Bo also said: “Dance images look at the relationship between dance and this era from a new perspective, and also allow dance art to be combined with more diversified forms, expanding the possibilities of dance.”

After the opening ceremony, the classic ballet movie “Ballet in the Fire” was staged grandly. As the lead actor of the film, Cao Shuci, the chief protagonist of the Chinese Ballet, gave a guided tour for everyone, interpreting the film and sharing with the audience the opportunity and experience of participating in the work.

From 18 dance video works such as “Ballet in Fire”, 3D version of “Pina”, “Dancer”, “Goodbye Cunningham” and “Francis Ha”, to two “Chinese Ballet Special” and “Dancing Millennium Special” In the big dance session, the 20 works invited to screen in this art season are all phenomenal dance video works. It is worth mentioning that this art season has won the limited broadcast of the legendary 3D dance video work “Pina” by famous dance artist Pina Bausch. On the evening of August 26, the second screening of “Pina” will be held in Langyuan Vintage Yushe Performance Space.

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In addition, 94 shortlisted works will also meet with you in the screening. The “Dancing Shadow Blind Box” unit was also unveiled. The outstanding works selected this time will also be screened in some middle schools and colleges in Haidian in September. This is also an important part of this International Dance Video Art Season Haidian Session. The Haidian Session has received strong support from the Haidian District Bureau of Culture and Tourism. Three major sections will be set up in Haidian, including Immersion City, Three Mountains and Five Gardens, and College Session III. content of a large system.

At the same time as the screening of the film, the impromptu dance of Tian Kai and Chen Jiaxin, the shortlisted team of “Extreme Creation”, was also integrated with the environment in Langyuan Vintage North Square, fully releasing the charm of dance art. The 9 team works produced in the “Extreme Creation” section of the art season will all meet with you during the screening. The works created by each team within 48 hours, in a fixed space, and under multiple prescribed topics will reveal the answer at that time.

During the entire art season, from 16:00 every day, different creators of the “Dancing City” section will dance in the park of Langyuan Vintage. Walking in it, it is possible to be in a party at any time, and immerse yourself in the beauty and happiness brought by dance art.

During the art season, activities such as guided tours by famous artists and discussions with famous artists will also be held at Langyuan Vintage. Creators who love dance videos can also sign up for the “Dance Video Workshop” on August 20th and 21st to open up more possibilities for dance videos with their mentors.

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