Home News The 2022 China Farmers Harvest Festival Anhui home event was grandly held in Wenchong Village, Chunqiu Township, Shucheng County

The 2022 China Farmers Harvest Festival Anhui home event was grandly held in Wenchong Village, Chunqiu Township, Shucheng County

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The 2022 China Farmers Harvest Festival Anhui home event was grandly held in Wenchong Village, Chunqiu Township, Shucheng County

On the morning of September 23, the main event of the 2022 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival in Anhui was grandly held in Wenchong Village, Chunqiu Township, Shucheng County. The picture shows Zheng Shajie, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, together with the fifth-level secretaries of Lu’an City, Shucheng County, Chunqiu Township, Wenchong Village and representatives of the peasant masses to press the button to start the ceremony.Photo by our reporter Yang Zhu

During the autumn equinox, the land of Jianghuai is rich in grains and fragrant with melons and fruits. On the morning of September 23, Zheng Shajie, Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, attended and launched the celebration ceremony. Tang Liangzhi, Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Tao Minglun, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, attended the ceremony. Vice Governor Zhang Shuguang presided over the launching ceremony and delivered a speech.

The 2022 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival is themed with “Celebrating the Harvest and Welcome the Grand Event”. The main event in Anhui is divided into three parts: tour exhibition, launching ceremony, and mass gathering. A total of more than 600 cadres and the masses participated. The exhibition areas of agricultural machinery, prefabricated vegetables, special agricultural products, and sending laws to the countryside vividly demonstrated the fruitful achievements of Anhui’s “three rural” work. Zheng Shajie pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the work of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, and on the occasion of the Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival for five consecutive years, he would like to extend holiday congratulations and sincere congratulations to the farmers and comrades working on the “Sannong” front. Condolences. As a major agricultural province, Anhui must thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on “three rural” work and the spirit of the important reply to the province’s major grain growers, resolutely shoulder the political responsibility for food security, and vigorously implement the “two strengths and one increase” action , consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, solidly promote rural revitalization, and accelerate the realization of more prosperous rural areas, happier lives, and more beautiful rural areas. The “Hui Girl” special agricultural product exhibition is a brand exhibition area carefully created by the Provincial Women’s Federation. Zheng Shajie said in detail about the origin of agricultural products, quality brands, online and offline sales, etc., that the countryside is vast, and women have great potential. It is necessary to encourage and support women’s innovation and entrepreneurship, further launch the “Hui Girl” brand, and contribute more women’s strength to the modernization of Anhui’s agriculture and rural areas.

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At ten o’clock in the morning, the launching ceremony kicked off with a cheerful dance of “Celebrating the Harvest Joyfully”. Provincial leaders such as Zheng Shajie first watched the Anhui promotional video of the Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival. Afterwards, in a warm atmosphere, Zheng Shajie issued a certificate to the “Top Ten Farmers Satisfied Agricultural Technicians in the Province” and took a group photo; Zheng Shajie and the fifth-level secretary of Lu’an City, Shucheng County, Chunqiu Township and Wenchong Village And the representatives of the peasants pressed the start button together, and the giant “Feng” character was displayed on the big screen. After the launching ceremony, Zheng Zhajie and other provincial leaders watched the cultural performance together with the peasants on the spot.

At the main event, Xu Congxiang, the representative of major grain growers, made a speech, and representatives of the county party committee secretary, township party committee secretary, and village first secretary exchanged their experience of “two strengths and one increase” and rural revitalization work. Farmers are satisfied with agricultural technicians” and the farmer representatives talked about the feelings of growing a variety of grains and developing rural industries. The peasants expressed their willingness to listen to the party’s words, appreciate the party’s gratitude, follow the party, actively participate in the practice of accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and welcome the victory of the party’s 20th National Congress with practical actions and outstanding achievements.

A total of one main venue and six provincial-level guidance sub-venues were set up for the Anhui celebrations, and agriculture-related counties (cities, districts) in the province carried out characteristic celebrations independently. (Correspondent Zheng Yan, reporter Zhu Shengli)

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