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The 2023 Health Work Conference of Tanghe County, Nanyang City Held- Chinadaily.com.cn

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On March 27, the 2023 Health Work Conference of Tanghe County, Nanyang City was held. Li Zhongyang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Tanghe County Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda, and Deputy County Magistrate, and Zhao Qunmei, Vice Chairman of the County Political Consultative Conference, attended the meeting.

Li Zhongyang pointed out that this year’s county government work report clearly proposes to promote the construction of a healthy Tanghe River, deepen the construction of a close medical alliance with the central hospital, and vigorously improve the county-level medical level. This is the new goal and new positioning of the county party committee and the county government for the development of the county’s health care. All departments at all levels in the county should study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as the primary political task of this year’s work, integrate the health and health cause into the overall situation of high-quality development in the county, and quickly set off an upsurge of concerted efforts for development. It is hoped that the county’s health system will continue to maintain a high morale, with a higher political position, greater work intensity, and more practical methods and measures, to further unify thinking, seize opportunities, anchor goals, and forge ahead with ” The spirit of “fighting”, the energy of “breaking”, the courage of “creating”, and the style of “doing” have continuously created a new situation for the revitalization and development of health work, and made greater contributions to ensuring the economic and social development of Tanghe County with excellent results.

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Zhao Qunmei pointed out that all medical and health institutions and medical workers in the county should actively learn from the advanced ones, concretely implement various tasks, and implement them in specific people, things, and things, so as to solidly promote the high-quality completion of various tasks in the health care system.

The meeting read out the “Notice on Commendation of Advanced Units for “Two Screening” and “Two Cancers” in 2022″ and “Decision on Commendation of Advanced Units in Health Work in the County in 2022″, and awarded awards to advanced units. Some typical representatives made speeches.

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