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The 24 hours of San Martino on the new ring of the Polisportivo

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The 24 hours of San Martino on the new ring of the Polisportivo

The 24 Hours of San Martino Sinteco returns, a festival of sport, art and community. The appointment is for Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October at the Polisportivo for what will be edition number 48 and which will represent the return to normality (read, in particular the presence of the stands) after the cancellation of 2020 and the reduced edition of 2021. The mayor De Pellegrin will also be in the race, inaugurating the new track of the Polisportivo, which is nearing completion.

The works for the reconstruction of the athletics track of the Polisportivo di Belluno

The works at the Polisportivo

Work on the Belluno Sports Center is well underway: in fact, the laying of the new athletics track will be completed within the week. The project has been delayed due to the difficulty in finding the material for the bottom of the track, the tartan, but the construction site has resumed for a few weeks, so much so that the delivery of works is expected in a few days. The renovated facility can thus be inaugurated with the 24 hours of San Martino. «The difficulty linked to the moment in finding the materials has imposed an extension to the delivery of the works», explains Roccon, «the companies are doing everything possible to respect the deadlines. In these days the laying of the blue tartan is in progress, then only the tracing of the yellow lines on the ground will be missing. With this first intervention, the functionality of the structure is improved for all athletics clubs, from running to high and long jump to throwing the javelin “, continues the commissioner,” with the next we will improve the service for the teams in the football sector and for all the other sports that gravitate around the Polisportivo stadium ». But that’s not all. There is also the second part of the project, in fact, which foresees a highly anticipated intervention: the complete refurbishment of the stands to bring the total capacity from the current 250 seats to 600, in addition to the restructuring of the reception area, or changing rooms and related services.

Pro loco Castionese on the front line

The 24 Hours of Sinteco will be organized by the Pro loco Pieve Castionese, in synergy with the Municipality, Province, Committee of Understanding, CSV and Unpli. “After the cancellation of 2020 and the reduced edition, with 22 formations, last year, we are finally back to normal” underlined Alessio De Min, vice president of Pro loco Castionese and race director of the 24 Hours. «The registered teams are thirty, three of which come from the province of Treviso, and will be able to use the stands. We therefore expect two days of celebration as it was until 2019 ».

The tried and tested collaboration with the Mario Morales Club will also be proposed: «Each participating team will receive a painting made by an artist from the club. The winning team will receive the Sinteco Trophy, the work of the Vierre di Domegge glass factory ».

The participating teams

This is the list of registered teams: Gs Quantin Alpenplus Bar from Elda (winner last year with 408, 152 kilometers); Pro Loco Pieve Castionese – La Casera Nevegal; San Martino Panattoni; Gs Caleipo; Section Alpini Belluno; Sersa – Mi te ò already vist; Anr electrical systems Alpago Tornado run; Lollino high school; Together it’s possible; Calalzo Marciatori – Tires. it A; Calalzo Marciatori – Tires. it B; Together with Aces; Spiritolimpico; Gs Astra Quero; La Colfranculana; Lady Colfranculana; Cross-country skiing La Mutera; Cral Farrese; Those from Boldan; Sportingly Belluno; Hydrogas Lastreghe; Gs Castionese; Alan’s Friends; Tom Thumb Committee; Montegrappa Athletics; Run & Fun blue cheetahs; Run & Fun red cheetahs; Onesight 1; Onesight 2; Run like a Amauri.

The numbers

The record of the event has been unbeaten for twenty years now: it belongs to the Pro Loco Zumellese – Bar Da Geppo which in 2022 was able to total 436,594 kilometers. On an individual level, the trevigiana Ornella Cadamuro holds the women’s record: 17.69 kilometers, covered in 1999. The men’s record is recent: 19.926 kilometers, a distance set in 2019 by Thierry Ndikumwenayo, an athlete from Burundi.

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