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The 3-bridge run moves the start and finish to the Lentos

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The 3-bridge run moves the start and finish to the Lentos

Tradition is also expressed in numbers. The International Linz 3-Bridge Run is a classic and will be in its 34th edition this year. And on April 29th – almost two weeks after the Linz marathon on April 16th – it will fully live up to its name.

The runners will cross the Nibelungen Bridge, the New Railway Bridge and the Voest Bridge over the course of the six-kilometre route. More than 300 registrations have already been received, which makes the organizers confident.

The logistical effort is minimized

Despite all the tradition, there are also innovations this year. The most striking is the start and finish area, which will be located at the Lentos Art Museum. For the first time, the Linz 3 Bridges Run does not end in front of the Kultur Hof in Ludlgasse. The start at the park pool is also a thing of the past, as organizer Wolfgang Pfeiffer, Hof managing director, said in an OÖN interview.

The cooperation with Lentos minimizes the logistical effort, because “you don’t have to set it up and take it down twice” but can set up everything that is necessary once. In addition, the open space under the Lentos also offers a place where the active people are protected from the weather, according to Pfeiffer.

The main run starts on Saturday, April 29, at 3 p.m., as usual, there is an individual and a pair classification, the company and club cup as well as the student cup. Registration and information at alohasportevents.at/3-brueckenlauf


Reinhold Gruber

Local Editor Linz

Reinhold Gruber

Reinhold Gruber


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