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The 3rd Sateri’s Charity and Filial Piety Cultural Festival in Nuanhuang Village-Jiujiang News Net

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Compassionate and filial piety to create civilization

Watching the show, playing with pots, measuring health, tasting sugar paintings, receiving gifts, and taking beautiful photos

The 3rd Sateri Charity Culture Festival in Nuanhuang Village

Jiujiang News Network NewsHundreds of good filial piety first. As a thousand-year traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, the inheritance of filial piety has been valued by people since ancient times. Nowadays, the construction of a harmonious and civilized society is even more inseparable from the word “filial piety”.

On October 17th, the Huangcun Community of Hukou County was very lively and crowded with people. The third Sateri Cixiao Cultural Festival was held here. On the stage, Jiujiang City’s Huangmei Drama Troupe has exquisite makeup and vividly performed the everlasting folk tales “God of the Immortal” and “The Son-in-law”. Under the stage, Sateri volunteers launched the “Family Video Station”, “Take Pot Game” and “Follow” Many public welfare services such as “good gifts” have attracted a large number of small town residents. The activities are rich in content and strong in participation. They have created a harmonious community and neighborhood family atmosphere, and presented the Chinese culture of compassion and filial piety to residents of Huang Village in different forms.

At the event site, there was an endless stream of residents patronizing Sateri’s voluntary service “booths”. In the pot-throwing entertainment area, the participants were eager to try, throwing arrows, “Wow, hit, hit again!” Resident grandma Li showed her good skills, hit the pot one after another, and successfully won exquisite gifts for her granddaughter. And speaking of children’s favorites, the off-site sugar painting and non-genetic inheritance performance area is none other than that. The brown maltose is like magic in the hands of the inheritor, turning into a variety of cute animals such as butterflies and ponies. They are both beautiful and delicious. The children are neat and uniform, and they are very happy to receive the candy paintings of the heart.

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“Master, your blood pressure and blood sugar are high. Have you felt dizzy and headache lately? Take medicine on time.” “Aunty, your health is not bad, there is no major problem, just don’t eat too salty, more Eat some fruits and vegetables, and exercise properly.” In the physical examination area, medical staff patiently measured blood pressure and blood sugar for the residents who came for consultation, and explained daily health care and disease prevention knowledge one by one. “Come here, look here!” “Give me and grandpa one.” Click…At the “Family Video Station”, the beautiful photos are synchronized and “output” under the shooting of professional photographers, and they are output through portable devices on the spot. Print it out and give it to residents.

“I want leather gloves” “I want wet wipes”… In the gift exchange area, the residents participating in the event took a lottery to exchange leather gloves, washing powder, soap, doll puppets, and Yokesi wipes to volunteer service staff. And other gifts. There is also the big stage of Cixiao, where Huangmei Drama Troupe vividly performed classic plays such as “The Son-in-law” and won rounds of applause. Residents in Huangcun Community had been addicted to dramas, played games, received gifts, checked their bodies, and took beautiful photos, all of which were happy from ear to ear.

“The content of this event is very rich, very down-to-earth, and very popular among residents, and the theme of’Creating a Civilization with Kindness and Filial Piety’ conveyed by Sateri’s Charity Filial Piety Cultural Festival is also very good!” Chen Shanshan, deputy mayor of Huangcun Town, said This event is very affirmative. She hopes that Sateri will hold this kind of activities that benefit the people every year in the future and make the “Cultural Festival of Mercy and Filial Piety” a business card for community activities in Huangcun Village.

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The third Sateri Mercy Cultural Festival was jointly organized by Huangcun Town, Huangcun Community and Sateri (Jiujiang) Fiber Co., Ltd. The cultural festival took the opportunity of Jiujiang’s creation of a national civilized city and passed the “Great Stage of Mercy and Filial Piety” and “Family Video Station” “Intangible Heritage Sugar Painting”, “Physical Examination Service”, “Put Pot Entertainment” and other themed cultural activities, show folk customs and community culture, create a good family style and community atmosphere of “parents’ benevolence and children’s filial piety”, and innovative interpretation and dissemination from multiple perspectives The Chinese culture of kindness and filial piety achieves the goal of building a harmonious community.

In the next step, Sateri Cixiao Cultural Festival will also be held in the community of Gutang Town, Lianxi District, so stay tuned. (Contributed by Sateri)


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