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The 3rd World Ganzhou Business Conference was held in Ganzhou-Jiujiang News Network

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Work hand in hand to create modernization and strive to continue to write new glory

The 3rd World Ganzhou Business Conference was held in Ganzhou

Yi Lianhong attended and delivered a speech Ye Jianchun hosted Wu Zhongqiong’s speech

Jiujiang News Network (Jiangxi Daily reporter Wei Xing Liu Jiahuizi)Paint the splendid Jiangxi chapter, show the world‘s Jiangxi business style. On December 6, the 3rd World Ganzhou Business Conference was held in Ganzhou City. Yi Lianhong, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, attended and delivered a speech. He emphasized that realizing the vision of comprehensively building a socialist modernization in Jiangxi requires the joint efforts and hard work of the sons and daughters of Jiangxi at home and abroad. , To accelerate the high-quality development of Jiangxi by leaps and bounds, join hands to create modernization, and strive to continue to write new glory.

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Acting Governor Ye Jianchun presided over the meeting. Wu Zhongqiong, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Ganzhou Municipal Party Committee, delivered a speech on behalf of Ganzhou. Provincial leaders Shi Wenbin, Zeng Wenming, Yin Meigen, and Chen Junqing attended the meeting.

Zheng Yuewen, Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chairman of Jiangxi Gan Merchants Association, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kerui Group, Dong Mingzhu, Chairman and President of Zhuhai Gree Electric, Wan Feng, Chairman and General Manager of Shenzhen Tongxingda Technology, and Ningde Times Co-founder Li Ping, vice chairman of the board of directors and representatives of the “New Ganshang” delivered speeches successively. They expressed their sincere feelings for Sangzi, the affection for the old district, and their passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Yi Lianhong, on behalf of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the people of the whole province, welcomed all Jiangxi businessmen home with the most ardent nostalgia. He said that since the reform and opening up, the vast number of Jiangxi businessmen have overcome obstacles and strode forward, telling one after another wonderful entrepreneurial stories, deducting a period of classic life legends, and becoming a good story in the business community and the pride of their hometown. In the face of major changes in the world unseen in a century, in recent years, the majority of Jiangxi businessmen have not been chaotic and calmly dealt with them. They have used superb wisdom to join the market and fight the business sea. The “New Wonders” has been produced in Zhonggan, which demonstrates the tenacity and perseverance of self-improvement, full of deep feelings of caring for Sangzi, and upholding the mission of righteousness and benefit to the world. The heart of boxing and the love of innocence are moving and touching.

Yi Lianhong emphasized that when Jiangxi is good, Jiangxi businessmen will be good; when Jiangxi businessmen are good, Jiangxi will be better. The 15th Provincial Party Congress put forward the goal of comprehensively building and innovative Jiangxi, wealthy Jiangxi, beautiful Jiangxi, happy Jiangxi, harmonious Jiangxi, and hardworking Jiangxi, and drew a beautiful blueprint for the future development of Jiangxi. Today’s Jiangxi has not only the “speed” of development, the “depth” of the industry, the “width” of openness, the “heat” of innovation and the “temperature” of emotions, it has become a trend of accumulation and breakthrough. The hot spot for business and entrepreneurship is a blessed place for dreams to be achieved, and it provides an unprecedentedly broad stage for the vast number of Jiangxi businessmen and domestic and foreign investors to innovate and start businesses. In the new era, Jiangxi is in a period of important strategic opportunities with great achievements. Opportunities cannot be missed. Time does not wait. Investing in Jiangxi means investing in the future and embracing opportunities.

Yi Lianhong hopes that the majority of Jiangxi businessmen and all entrepreneurs will seize the current situation and seize the opportunities for future development. With the determination of “unchanging wind and rain as a mountain” and the keenness of “Chunjiang Plumbing Duck Prophet”, we will treat the situation dialectically and firmly. Grasp the general trend, accurately recognize changes, scientifically respond to changes, and actively seek changes, and strive to seize the opportunity in the tide of market competition, and strive to be the leader and pioneer of the development of the times. It is necessary to create more advantages, share the dividends of Jiangxi’s reform and development, firmly grasp the “vents” of Jiangxi’s development, take the lead in the “express” of Jiangxi’s development, land on the beach, ride the wind, and soar to promote the development of hometown and share the dividends of Jiangxi. We must strive for the first, vigorously promote the spirit of Jiangxi businessmen in the new era, cherish the world’s ambitions to serve the country, have a lofty mind to create a great cause, and work together with the heart, and consciously integrate our own career and enterprise development into the magnificent flood of building socialist modernization in an all-round way. In China, focus on industry, cultivating the main business, and strengthen the enterprise, always care about the people in hometown and old districts, learn “advanced experience”, bring back “advanced technology“, bring back “high-end talents”, and bring back “high-quality projects” After falling down, move the “headquarters base” back, gather the spirit of the whole world, and use the power of all directions to write a brilliant chapter of comprehensive construction of socialist modernization in Jiangxi.

Yi Lianhong said that the world is the stage for Jiangxi businessmen, Jiangxi is the eternal homeland of Jiangxi businessmen, and the party committees and governments at all levels in Jiangxi are the eternal strong backing of Jiangxi businessmen. We will promote business and emphasize business, insist on optimizing the business environment as the “No. 1 Reform Project”, focus on enterprise life cycle services, benchmark international and domestic first-class standards, continue to deepen the reform of “decentralization, management and service”, and continue to deepen the support for enterprises Action, focus on building a new “pro” and “clear” relationship between government and business, and fully promote the business environment brand of “Jiangxi does not need to ask for people, Jiangxi does not need to ask for people, Jiangxi does things in accordance with laws and regulations, Jiangxi does things convenient and efficient, and Jiangxi does things warm and heart-warming” business environment brand, striving to become a national government service satisfaction First-class provinces, and strive to provide more brilliant sunshine, more suitable soil, and more moisturizing rain for enterprises to become better and stronger, so that the majority of Jiangxi businessmen and entrepreneurs in Jiangxi can be assured of investment, entrepreneurship, and development in Jiangxi. Life is comfortable.

Before the meeting, Yi Lianhong, Ye Jianchun and other provincial leaders met with representatives of some Jiangxi businessmen and entrepreneurs. The meeting commended 50 outstanding Jiangxi businessmen who returned home to invest in Jiangxi Province from 2019 to 2020; a project signing ceremony was held, and more than 130 projects were signed with an amount of more than 200 billion yuan.


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