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The ability of the president

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The ability of the president

Ernesto Cardoso Camacho

The approval of the reform to the health system in the Chamber demonstrates that the political skill of President Petro, as well as the persuasive capacity of his Ministers of the Interior and Health, have one element in common and this is the deep knowledge that the three have about the lack of ethics with which congressmen act.

The parties no longer represent their voters or militants because they have become electoral mafias that, through endorsements and state financing, obtain seats that each congressman manages or administers for their personal interests; which is why there is no authority that imposes discipline on the benches so that their legislative decisions have coherence and relevance with the ideological or programmatic postulates of such political groups.

The bench law is a song to the flag like many of the legal provisions that govern the political and electoral system, where clienteles and machinery fed by the state bureaucracy and public procurement are imposed.

The reform is necessary, there is no doubt because it is essential to improve the operational and scientific functioning of many EPS, so that in addition to the great coverage that is the main virtue of the system, changes are formulated in the timely care of specialists and in the delivery of the medications.

The enormous financial deficit of the system that has been caused by the state itself in its resource flow mechanisms that must ultimately reach the beneficiaries of both the contributory and the subsidized; especially in hospital care; With the reform, it can be presumed that it will generate a large fiscal gap that will collapse not only the functioning of the system but also public finances with inevitable repercussions on investment spending and public debt, elements that will have a negative impact on the national economy.

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The legal criterion of the mixed regime, that is, where private and state resources converge in harmony, is essential to maintain both coverage and timely and efficient care. For this reason, the approved reform constitutes an essential break in the system given that from the mixed regime we will move to an essentially state regime, where the freedom of each user to freely choose their provider is replaced by the decision of the public entity that will surely become managed. in an authoritarian and capricious manner by mayors and governors.

According to what is known, the method of choosing the Directors of the public Hospitals where the greatest demand for services is concentrated has not been very clear, but apparently, the reform is aimed at having them hand-picked by governors and mayors, a mechanism that If established in the law, it will mean the delivery of billions of pesos from the system to the clienteles and machines of the political mafias.

In conclusion, it is a certain fact that the Petro government, with its well-known political skill that knows how to measure the cynical and petty disposition of the congressmen, has scored a victory that will surely be repeated in the Senate. However, the worrying thing is that with the same skill he will now direct the batteries towards his other reforms such as pension, educational, labor, etc., shamelessly pointing to the lentilism of the politicians that he fought so hard to strengthen his demagogic populism.

I hope that the Constitutional Court, which has shown signs of independence and autonomy, even if it is a little late, dismantles or at least mitigates the legislative wrongs of the government of change that undoubtedly seriously threaten the institutional and democratic structure of the Nation.

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