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The agony of the Terme di Acqui Terme in the challenge between candidates for mayors

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The agony of the Terme di Acqui Terme in the challenge between candidates for mayors

ACQUI TERME. While the unions, ten days after the first sit-in, announce a public assembly for Monday 21 March at 3.30 pm, in front of the Grand Hotel in Piazza Italia, with workers, institutions and citizens, the snitch passes through the Terme di Acqui ( also) to politics.

Faced with the opening of the collective dismissal procedure for 25 employees by the company, which is headed by Alessandro Pater’s Finsystems srl, and with the prospect of a 2022 without spa activities, we are once again talking about tables and negotiations at all levels. National, regional, provincial.

If the parliamentarians move to Rome, it is a matter of days for the case to arrive in Turin. The director of the Democratic Party Domenico Ravetti asked for it and it seems that the joint convening of Commissions III (tourism and thermal waters) and IV (health) will take place by the end of the month. “There was a specific commitment in the Council,” explains Ravetti. There should be no hitches, considering that the city has the councilor Marco Protopapa (Lega), also present at the last workers’ garrison. Meanwhile, the Municipality is working to organize a meeting in the Province, with institutions and the company, even if the start of the procedure for the dismissal of workers will also open other bargaining fronts to seek solutions for the future of employees and the company, which other could still revoke everything.

Predictably, the Baths have become the pivot of the Acqui election campaign, where in May there is a vote to renew the mayor. The outgoing Lorenzo Lucchini, now M5s, will go in search of a second term as an independent, as will Danilo Rapetti: he is in the center right but will run with civic lists. Both will see it with the names supported by the parties, Franca Roso, who received the support of Forza Italia, Lega and FdI, and Bruno Barosio, who takes the field under the flag of Pd, Italia Viva, Article 1 and Action. For everyone, the diktat is to reopen the confrontation with Pater but also to address the thorny and unknown issue of the concessions of thermal waters.

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