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The agreements that allowed the Neiva – Bogotá highway to be unblocked

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The agreements that allowed the Neiva – Bogotá highway to be unblocked

After a day of intermittent blockade on the Neiva – Bogotá highway, at kilometer 2+300 in the Santa Bárbara sector, the protesters and authorities managed to reach some agreements.

The demonstration, which focused on expressing disagreement with the company Ecopetrol for alleged breaches of labor commitmentsculminated in the signing of agreements to resolve tensions.

The protesters, mainly workers from Ecopetrol’s area of ​​influence, expressed their concern about the non-renewal of employment contracts and denounced unjustified dismissals by the oil company. This situation motivated the protest that interrupted traffic on Route 45.

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This action generated discomfort among road users, who were affected by the interruption of their daily activities due to intermittent blockades.

However, there were agreements and the road was enabled: Among the commitments agreed to resolve the situation, a meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 16 in the facilities of the Municipal Government Secretariat. Leaders of the protest, representatives of Ecopetrol, contractor companies responsible for the selection processes, the Neiva Personería, the Secretariat of Peace and Human Rights, as well as the Neiva Metropolitan Police will participate in this meeting.

According to the Neiva Ombudsman, dialogue and consultation tables will be established where the designated representatives will seek to reach an institutional consensus to address the needs, problems and requests of the affected community.

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