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The All Fit gym opens in Belluno from 7, an opportunity to work off the holidays

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The company also plans to expand to Sedico. “We absolutely believe in our strength and passion, which linked us 5 years ago with the opening in Trichiana”

BELLUNO. All Fit widens. Despite the pandemic still underway, personal trainers Michele Simone and Nino Barresi are stubbornly growing their gym project started in 2017, in Trichiana. In fact, the opening of the Belluno office is imminent: there are really a few days left until 7 January, when the sign in via Tiziano Vecellio 71 will be completely unveiled.

And that’s not all, because in March the company plans to expand to Sedico as well. “We absolutely believe in our strength and passion, which linked us 5 years ago with the opening in Trichiana”, underlines Michele Simone, “in recent times, despite this particular historical period, we have not given up on our idea, our mission, our vision, that is to expand as a Belluno leader in the fitness sector ».

So far the business has developed in Trichiana, in via Cavassico Inferiore 169, above the Incon shopping center. Whatever the proposal is, explains the other partner, Nino Barresi: «There is a fitness room, a weight room equipped entirely Technogym, as it will also be in Belluno. We also offer many group activities: yoga, pilates, postural gymnastics, jumping, trx. From the functional branch to the slightly more holistic one: walking, functional training, pancafit, fit boxing ».

These are days of frenzied preparations in view of the new opening in the capital. For understandable reasons there will not be an inauguration, but the activity will start directly on the morning of 7 January. What can you find in this gym, located above the MP Market? «In Belluno we made a slightly different choice», Barresi continues, «with a more complete fleet of machines. There are two different lines of equipment, while in Trichiana there is a single line. There is a room for fitness and weights. We then have a functional area of ​​200 square meters, fully equipped. Here we will propose our cross All Fit format: a functional training that can be combined with the official cross fit. We will do functional, walking, jumping. This, for the moment. The structure is currently 1000 square meters, in the future it will probably double ».

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Simone adds other details: «It will be an innovative structure, from the machinery to the audio system that separates the two rooms. We will have state-of-the-art televisions to videoproject the lessons and involve the customer from the very first experience. We have a layout of the room that follows what we already have, between colors and lines, but even more modern: we have relied on professionals. It is a very fresh, dynamic and pleasant environment ».

The news of the opening in the city has already intrigued and attracted customers. “We have made pre-sales with promotions, already selling 75 annual passes,” reveals Barresi. “Not bad, in this period. Probably many are waiting to see what we offer before buying a subscription: it is right that this is the case “. And that’s not all. In fact, the start-up of a third office in Sedico is planned for March. «After the opening of Belluno, we start with the works a Sedico », Barresi announces. «It will be another structure of 1000 square meters. A gym that will be built where Dentalcoop is located, above the Fidelio, in the Gresal area, in via Belluno 72 ». This can be said for now. «About what it will be like», Simone keeps on edge, «suspense».

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