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The Anpi against the jurist Mattei: “His words in the square offend the victims of the Nazi horrors”

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TURIN. “The Anpi invites the Turin anti-fascists to denounce and reject the impudent street agitators”. The message of the National Partisans Association comes at the end of the meeting of the jurist Ugo Mattei, who today in Turin addressed a crowd of five hundred “no Pass” inviting them to the “Resistance against the” dragon regime “” and to join a “Committee of national liberation ”against the government’s measures to stem the pandemic. “It is intolerable and unacceptable the indecent use that the professor believes he can make of such an important story for our country as the Resistance” declared the provincial president of the Anpi Maria Grazia Sestero.

No Green Pass in the square in Turin, the “No Vax National Liberation Movement” is born. Attack on La Stampa: “Regime newspaper”

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“Perhaps the jurist forgets the story, but everyone knows that the National Liberation Committee, formed in 1943, included personalities such as Alcide De Gasperi, Giorgio Amendola, Ugo La Malfa, Pietro Nenni and others who, hardened by the long opposition to fascism through prison, confinement or exile, they could speak in the name of partisans and partisans fighting a very hard war against fascists and Nazis. The National Liberation Committee is a story of grandeur and heroism, of courageous choices from which democratic Italy was born, putting an end to a twenty-year fascist dictatorship and through an unfortunate war wanted by Mussolini ». Mattei, he adds, “offends the victims of the horrors and fascist and Nazi massacres, a few days after the memorial day, and insults the many young partisan fighters, women and men who were going to sacrifice their very lives to give freedom and democracy. There are too many episodes that with vulgarity have referred to the painful history of Nazism and the dictatorship in the squares no Vax. Turin, “gold medal for military valor”, cannot tolerate offensive dramas in its history ».

The fight against the Green Pass, mainly at the beginning, was the prerogative of the right, complete with solidarity from parties such as Forze Nuova, but Mattei does not break down. If anything, the discourse diverges: «Here in the square there are citizens. The danger is that hotheads infiltrate, but that has never happened in Turin ». From the ANPI the answer is clear: “Ugo Mattei, in search of visibility with the” Doubt and Precaution “Commission, launches an appointment on Saturday in Turin as a moment of revolt against the national anti-virus measures, events polluted several times by presences and organizations fascists “.

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