Home News The anti-undeclared work portal: lighthouse on illegal hiring and fraud in the company

The anti-undeclared work portal: lighthouse on illegal hiring and fraud in the company

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The anti-undeclared work portal: lighthouse on illegal hiring and fraud in the company

The fight against illegal work is one of the objectives of the NRP, which aims to make the supervisory activity in the various production sectors more effective. The Pnrr 2 decree (Legislative Decree no. 36/2022) provided for the establishment of the national portal to combat undeclared work, to concentrate in a single database all the information deriving from the supervisory activities on irregular services carried out by the various bodies inspections. Powered by the databases of Inail, Inps, Arma dei Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and Inl, the portal will be unique and accessible to all bodies that carry out surveillance activities on irregular work.

All the results of the supervisory activity carried out by the various subjects with the complaints of violations in the field of undeclared work, the inspection reports, and any other measure related to the supervisory activity, including the documents of any disputes, will flow into this portal managed by ‘Inl: «Within the year we will have a national database of illegal and undeclared – explains the director of INL, Bruno Giordano – a real photograph, with the data of the companies inspected, of the irregular ones, an indication of the sector in which they operate, of the territory where they are located. It will be an invaluable tool for enhancing the effectiveness of inspections through targeted intelligence work. The national database will allow us to know if a particular company has been sanctioned, for example, in Treviso, Sassari and Palermo, overcoming the difficulties in transmitting and sharing information at an inter-provincial level. We will have an x-ray of the offense. Not a statistical sample, but real data on the underground economy and contractual violations extended to the whole national territory ».

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Targeted inspections: irregularities in 62% of cases

Moreover, even looking at the latest annual report of the INL, it emerges that the inspection activity is increasingly “targeted”, and is based on the intelligence work carried out “upstream”: out of 62,710 INL inspections in 2021, beyond 62% was found to be irregular: for 39,052 a report of infringement was adopted. Out of 84,679 inspections defined overall by Inl, Inps and Inail, 69% were found to be irregular, with an increase in social security (+ 17%) and insurance (+ 42%) matters.

The sectors where irregularity is more frequent

The highest indices of irregularities are found in the construction and tertiary sectors, in particular in the activities of accommodation and catering services, transport and storage, but above all in services supporting businesses, in the presence of outsourcing and illicit interpositions. 151,742 workers are protected by Inl, including 59,362 workers protected as a result of disputed offenses, those protected with the adoption of measures such as the formal notice (12,720), the provision (74,705) or the positive outcome of single-party settlements (4,955 ).

The spread of undeclared and “black” work

Among the 59,362 irregular workers, those “in the black” represent about 26% (15,150) and were found in 39% of the 39,052 inspections with irregular results. Controls are evenly distributed between the South (30%), the Center (29%), the North West and the North East (with 21% and 20% respectively). The maximum rate of irregularities concerns the North East (over 70%), followed by the North West (61.48%), and with almost 60% the Center and the South. irregular outcome, the highest percentages are recorded in Campania (60 illegal workers for 100 inspections with irregular results), Tuscany (52%) and Calabria (48%). «The increase in inspection activity has led to an 8% decrease in undeclared work – underlines Giordano -. More inspections mean less undeclared work and less unfair competition. A further 2,580 are being added to the 4,023 employees of the INL, of which 1,174 are technical inspectors who previously were 230. With the arrival of new inspection forces and with the synergy of all the institutions, a more effective fight against undeclared work can be expected. and irregular “.

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