Home News The Anyang Procuratorate responds to the old case caused by dog ​​wounding and is reviewing related cases_李小迎

The Anyang Procuratorate responds to the old case caused by dog ​​wounding and is reviewing related cases_李小迎

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Original Title: The Anyang Procuratorate is reviewing related cases in response to the old case caused by dog ​​wounding

The Anyang Procuratorate responds to the old case caused by dog ​​wounding and is reviewing related cases

Source: Jinan Times

【#安阳委員證院計務個事務事務事# is reviewing related cases]#安阳狗伤人事擊狗女被被費貓万万# On November 21, the New Yellow River Client exclusively interviewed and reported Henan An old case led by the “dog biting” incident in Anyang, the woman with the dog was accused of defrauding millions, and the case has not been settled for 8 years. On November 22, the People’s Procuratorate of Anyang City responded to the New Yellow River reporter, stating that the city court is now reviewing related cases, and the local propaganda department needs to be consulted for relevant information.

Du Qingda, the party involved in this case, claimed that 10 years ago, Li Xiaoying defrauded him of 1 million yuan for helping with affairs. After many negotiations to recover the funds failed, he reported to the Yindu Branch of the Anyang City Public Security Bureau. After filing and investigating, on January 23, 2013, Li Xiaoying was detained on suspicion of fraud and was later arrested and handed over to the Yindu District People’s Procuratorate for review and prosecution. In the meantime, the case was withdrawn for investigation by the Yindu District Procuratorate, and then submitted by the Yindu Public Security Bureau to supplement the evidence. In the end, the case was not submitted to the court after the second supplementary investigation. Before long, Li Xiaoying regained his “freedom.”

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During the interview, the police officer surnamed Chen of Yindu Public Security, who was in charge of investigating the case, confirmed to the new Yellow River reporter that Li Xiaoying involved in the Du Qingda case was also Li Xiaoying in the “dog bite” incident. At present, the case has not yet been settled. As for the reason, he said “it is hard to say.”

On November 22, the New Yellow River reporter contacted the Yindu District People’s Procuratorate on this matter. All five telephones could not be connected. The pages of its official website, including the introduction of the court, its leaders, and its institutions, were all blank. The relevant staff of the Anyang City People’s Procuratorate at its superior responded that, “The city court attaches great importance to this case and is now reviewing related cases. You need to consult the local propaganda department for relevant information, and they will give a unified response to the outside world.” (New Yellow River customer) Reporter Ding Guobin)

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