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The appeal of the hauliers: “Politics are beating their fists with the French on Tenda and the road in Val Roya”

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A long and even fought electoral campaign, between two consortiums that met on Sunday, at the Varco auditorium in Cuneo, for the “showdown”. It ended in a substantial draw, with the new Board having a balanced composition. And everyone seems to have satisfied the appointment of Ennio Tonoli, owner and managing director of Tonoli Spedizioni in Verzuolo, as president of Astra Cuneo, an association that brings together 500 road haulage companies from Granda, Piedmont and Liguria.

Tonoli (65 on February 6), replaces Diego Pasero and over the next three years will lead a Board of 14 directors, voted by 150 shareholders and about 200 proxies. A high participation, which confirmed the names of Claudio Isolano in the Board (the other presidential candidate from the “old guard”, passed by 26 preferences), Marinella Rossi, Monica Terrain, Ercole Fornero, Giuseppe Prette, Elio Rocca, Valter Baudino and Enrico Carrero. New entries are Valter Lannutti, Domenico Monge, Carlo Germanetti, Matteo Calcagno, Bruno Forano and Giuseppe Grosso.

Ennio Tonoli is also a new face of the Board of Directors, of which he is a member for the first time: «We are not talking about splits, the elections are meant to mend. There were different points of view, then the desire for change won. I am not a warmonger, but a person of common sense: my job is to clear up and make the association travel towards its objectives ». It promises closeness to companies that are facing many problems, from the increase in costs to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic, to the challenges of “an area rich in capabilities and beautiful companies, but also characterized by still unsolved infrastructural limits”.

It is no coincidence that Granda is defined as the “Third Island of Italy” and Astra Cuneo has been fighting for years against the chronic lack of international connections. On Asti Cuneo, governor Alberto Cirio announced the completion of the penultimate lot (5 km between Roddi-Verduno) by the end of 2022, one year ahead of forecasts. Does Tonoli believe it? «I would like to say yes, but at the moment it is ni, I am a pacifist – he smiles -. We are asking politics for a change of direction: we must be stronger locally and nationally. Large infrastructures make it possible to reduce costs and be competitive ».

Tenda bis and state chapter of the Roya Valley, where 5 French mayors since 2017 prevent the passage to the Tir and are willing to confirm the ban even after the reopening of the road destroyed by the flood. «An indispensable director – says Tonoli -. We will bring important numbers and data on the use of the road to politics, so that they can beat their fists with their French friends ». Other priorities include the Demonte variant and the Cuneo logistics hub. “Considering the difficulties also of internal provincial roads – concludes Tonoli – I can better see more reference poles for the 4 macro areas, from Alba to Cuneo, Mondovì and Saluzzo”.

The outgoing president of Astra Cuneo, Diego Pasero, 54, number one of the Tre Valli di Borgo, could not reapply after 2 consecutive mandates, but was elected to lead Astra Servizi, a cooperative that provides road transport services at advantageous prices. . Pasero will replace Matteo Toselli and will be joined by a completely renewed Board of Directors by Claudio Isolano, Giuseppe Grosso, Valter Baudino and Ercole Fornero. “I will be president of everyone – says Pasero -, from small owners to medium and large road transport companies”. At the same meeting, Enrico Carrero was reconfirmed president of Irfo (Astra Research and Training Institute) and will be assisted by the new entries Lara Baudissone and Diego Pasero.

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