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The arrest of Zhou Zhuohua and Xi Jinping’s six instructions | Wang Xiaohong | Suncity Group | Ministry of Public Security

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[Epoch Times December 06, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Ning Haizhong reported) Macau’s small gambling king and Suncity Group chairman Zhou Zhuohua, known as “washing rice flowers”, was arrested by the Wenzhou police in Zhejiang Province last month, and the Macau police started to arrest them. people. The latest report stated that it was Beijing who led the arrest of him, which involved six orders from Xi Jinping and the personal command of Xi’s cronie Wang Xiaohong.

Earlier, it was reported that Zhou Zhuohua was arrested because he operated online gambling in the Philippines and other places, attracting a large amount of bets from mainland gamblers every year. The pro-Beijing Sing Tao Daily reported today (December 6) that Zhou Zhuohua was arrested because the Beijing authorities determined that the incident involved national security.

According to the report, in recent years, overseas gambling groups have penetrated into the mainland in an all-round way, causing widespread influence. According to preliminary statistics, the outflow of gambling funds from the mainland exceeds one trillion yuan each year. Zhou Zhuohua’s activities have long been watched by the Beijing Central Committee.

The report quoted sources saying that Xi Jinping has issued instructions on cracking down on cross-border gambling at least six times, including stating that cross-border gambling is a “major issue that seriously affects economic security, social stability, and national image.”

According to sources, the Ministry of Public Security of the Communist Party of China will formally deploy in February 2020. It will be under the command of State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi, and Deputy Minister Wang Xiaohong will actually be in charge. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the Central Bank will also participate. .

However, at the time, some casino VIP room operators still did not converge, and continued to recruit mainland residents to conduct online gambling, hoping to make up for the loss of physical VIP room revenue due to the epidemic. The report quoted a source as saying that this was a “challenge to central authority.”

Wang Xiaohong, regarded as a close friend of Xi Jinping, was promoted to secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security on the 19th of last month. It is expected that he will formally serve as Minister of Public Security at this month’s NPC Standing Committee meeting.

Eight days after Wang Xiaohong was promoted, the Wenzhou police in Zhejiang announced the smashing of the “cross-border gambling criminal group headed by Zhou Zhuohua.” The report believes that although the Macau police are responsible for the arrest, the entire operation is “in fact led by the central government.”

Zhou Zhuohua was arrested and Xi was accused of attacking Jiang faction

Zhou Zhuohua is also a member of the Cultural Industry Committee of the Macau Government and many other public positions. He was a member of the 11th CPPCC of Guangdong Province of the Communist Party of China. He also served as the honorary consultant of the Macau Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Unification of China. Moreover, he has cooperated with the land administration and law system of Mainland China for many years, and has filmed movies that praised the CCP police such as “Operation Mekong”.

The Chinese Communist Party’s official media reported that on November 1, 2016, Meng Jianzhu, then Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Central Committee, had a discussion with the creators of the film “Operation Mekong” in Beijing. Meng Jianzhu admired the film greatly. Guo Shengkun, then Minister of Public Security of the Communist Party of China, Fu Zhenghua, then Deputy Minister of Public Security, and Sun Lijun, member of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security, also attended the forum.

Yuan Hongbing, a well-known jurist in Australia, disclosed to The Epoch Times on November 29 that Zhou Zhuohua was actually the white glove of Jiang’s CCP’s powerful families such as Zeng Qinghong and Meng Jianzhu. The purpose of his arrest was to destroy the economic foundation of Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Meng Jianzhu and others.

Yuan Hongbing said that the reason for being able to arrest the little Macau gambler so quickly this time is that the entire public security system has now been ordered by Wang Xiaohong. It was under the direct supervision of Wang Xiaohong that the arrest of this little gambling king was quickly completed.

Beijing may win Zhou Zhuohua’s long list of officials

According to the police of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, announced on the 26th last month that Zhou Zhuohua was suspected of opening a casino on the mainland. The procuratorate approved the arrest. The Macao police took action the next day and arrested 11 people including Zhou Zhuohua and transferred them to the Procuratorate for investigation. Currently, Zhou Zhuohua and other 5 people are still being detained. , The other 6 people were granted bail. The procuratorate initially believed that the arrested persons were respectively suspected of having committed crimes of “participating in a criminal group,” “leading a criminal group,” “money laundering,” and “illegal operating gambling”.

The Wenzhou police said in the report that Zhou Zhuohua started to set up online gambling platforms in the Philippines and other places in 2016, developed mainland personnel as shareholder-level agents and gambling agents, and organized Chinese citizens to go to his contracted overseas gambling halls to gamble and participate in cross-border online games. gamble. As of July 2020, the group has developed a total of 199 shareholder-level agents, more than 12,000 gambling agents, and more than 80,000 gambler members in China.

Hong Kong’s “Hong Kong Economic Journal” published an article by Gao Tianyou, a columnist on November 29, saying that if the person in charge of the Central Bank of the Communist Party of China described many gamblers using QR codes to transfer their bets, then after 11 people including Zhou Zhuohua were arrested , The “Zhou Zhuohua list” in the hands of the authorities may be quite astonishing.

Gao Tianyou’s article inferred that through Zhou Zhuohua’s list of 80,000 gamblers, it is possible to find out the names of a large number of public officials and state-owned enterprise gamblers.

Current critic Yue Shan wrote an article in The Epoch Times that Zhongnanhai is more than one stone in the arrest of Zhou Zhuohua: cracking down on gambling money laundering and preventing the outflow of funds; forcing Macau gambling companies to hand over VIP customer lists, bringing out problematic officials to help fight corruption; cracking down on behind the Macau gambling industry Umbrella of high-level power and nobility; a model case for “common prosperity”, etc. But it is basically black and black. The Beijing authorities used Zhou Zhuohua to seize huge sums of money to replenish the Party State’s treasury. At the same time, they took the opportunity to purge Macau’s political and business circles and the gaming industry, and finally realized the party’s management of casinos.

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