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The articles on the Internazionale website not to be missed this week

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November 25, 2021 11:42 AM

Not being able to react to a rape
Most women who experience sexual violence become stuck and unable to defend themselves from their abuser. This state of physical and emotional paralysis is called “psychic sideration”. And it is induced by the brain as a form of protection. The video of Le Monde.

Ilaria Maria Sala
Wild boars in Hong Kong
The authorities decide to kill it. And those animals unwittingly become heroes of the resistance.

Zuhair al Jezairy
Drugs are rampant in Iraq
The armed militias at the borders now manage the transit of drugs in the country.

Arthur C. Brooks
How to appreciate the winter
Many seemingly sensible ideas that associate the sun with happiness, when examined thoroughly, do not hold up.

Pierre Husky
Fragile Bosnia and Herzegovina
Leader Milorad Dodik seems to want to smash the country with weapons. The European Union must intervene.

Dallas, November 22, 1963
The moment by moment breaking latest news of the New York Times reporter in Dallas, Tom Wicker, on the day of the murder of the then President of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy. From the Internazionale archive.

Francesco Boille
Annette and the creative ego
At the beginning, Leos Carax’s film is reminiscent of a musical, but appearances can be deceiving: hypnotic and enchanting, the work is imbued with ambivalence about the society of the spectacle.

Memories that don’t run away
Photographer Martina Zanin addresses her difficult relationship with her mother in the project I made them run away. The exhibition is in Bologna and is divided into different media: shots, texts, videos, sounds.

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Daniele Cassandro
New wave lesbica dal Canada
The forgotten story of Avoid Freud by Rough Trade, the band of Carole Pope, one of the pioneers of queercore.

A scene from Beginning
Told and commented by the director Dea Kulumbegashvili.

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