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The Association of Scholars calls for distancing oneself from “devil’s tendencies” in Morocco-Algeria relations

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The Association of Scholars calls for distancing oneself from “devil’s tendencies” in Morocco-Algeria relations

In order to avoid the continuation of skirmishes and conflicts between the two neighboring countries, Morocco and Algeria, and to reject various acts of mobilization and militaryization that may amount to demonization, the Association of Arab Maghreb Scholars issued a statement in which it called on the competent authorities of the two countries to sit at the table of knowledge, wisdom and reason, and to resolve points of disagreement in a way that preserves the interests of the two parties.

This statement came after the accelerating deterioration of Moroccan-Algerian relations during the past few months, due to the continued anti-Moroccan statements of Algerian officials, in addition to the return of Moroccan-Spanish relations and Spain’s support for the autonomy initiative in the Moroccan Sahara.

The statement of the Association of Arab Maghreb Scholars, obtained by the electronic newspaper Hespress, said, “This is an appeal to the people of the Maghreb, including rulers, officials, scholars and peoples. “.

And he added: “We call on the two countries from the platform of the Association of Arab Maghreb Scholars and on the lips of every Muslim who is jealous of the entire Islamic nation, and this historical Islamic bond that the hateful colonialism over centuries could not cause discord among its children, and that angered it, and assigned some spoilers to stir up grudges, inflame the breasts and sign enmity, seeking help from a rented media that is only suitable for creating discord among Muslims.”

The Association of Arab Maghreb Scholars called for “hastenance in fraternal reform in order to heal the rift between two peoples who were brought together by wounds until they became one body attested by history with its positions replete with this solidarity, which was the first reason for expelling the hateful colonizer from his land and his country.”

The League also called on “the two sister governments, in Algeria, which represents the heart of the Great Maghreb, and the heart can accommodate love, brotherhood and forgiveness, and in the Far Maghreb, which represents the tender wing and protective shield of our Great Maghreb,” to “sit at the table of knowledge, wisdom and reason, and reconcile what is between them amicably.” And to define the points of agreement and coalition, and to identify the points of disagreement and seek to resolve them.

Maghreb scholars emphasized “the need for both the Moroccan people and the Algerian people to form committees to put pressure on governments for reconciliation between the two countries because of what is good for the country and the people together, and to intensify efforts to heal the rift, curb evil and invest in good means in developing ways of reconciliation and coalition.”

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In this context, Ahmed Noureddine, an expert on Moroccan-Algerian relations, stated that “the statement issued by the Association of Arab Maghreb Scholars on June 5, 2023, calling on the governments of Algeria and Morocco to quell discord, to reconcile and resolve differences between the two countries, is a statement that comes in the context of an escalation Unprecedented in Algerian aggressive rhetoric, actions, military mobilization and harassment against Morocco in all fields.

Noureddine continued his speech to the electronic newspaper Hespress, stressing that “understanding the background of this statement requires reviewing four serious facts that coincided during this week alone,” the first of which is “the meeting of the Algerian Supreme Security Council on June 1, that is, four days before the statement was issued.”

The second given is “the announcement of the Algerian presidency that the Algerian Supreme Council of Security discussed the situation in the country and the situation on the borders, headed by Abdelmadjid Tebboune and in the presence of the generals only and the absence of all non-military members, including the prime minister and the ministers of foreign affairs, justice and interior, and even the absence of the chief of police.”

Nored El-Din explained, “This means that the meeting is related to dangerous military decisions, and that the army does not trust even the Algerian ministers who are members of that council, and the generals fear information leakage. Algerian army rifles.

The third given relates to what was reported by press reports of “large military build-ups and heavy military equipment such as tanks and rocket launchers on the Moroccan border two days after the Algerian Supreme Security Council convened.” The expert in Moroccan-Algerian relations commented on that by saying that “the army’s move means that it was made by a decision taken on The highest level in that council, which is not a reassuring decision.”

“Only hours before the aforementioned council meeting, the Algerian media launched a terrible and widespread propaganda campaign about the existence of an alleged conspiracy targeting Algeria. And a piece of news that was not reported by any reliable international news agency or any credible media platform in all parts of the world was promoted, stating that the secret intelligence services of France, Israel and Morocco held a meeting in Tel Aviv with the aim of destabilizing Algeria. This is the fourth given to understand the backgrounds of the statement of the Association of Arab Maghreb Scholars, according to Ahmed Noureddine.

The expert in Moroccan-Algerian relations added to the previous data, “regarding the leaking of media reports about an imminent Algerian attack against Morocco at the beginning of the fall, that is, a month or two after Tebboune’s visit to Paris,” considering that “a kind of psychological preparation for public opinion before a serious matter occurred.” It is planned by the small minds of the Algerian oil and gas generals to complete what direct European colonialism started in terms of fragmentation and destruction of the entire region.

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Noureddine said: “When we know that all these serious events took place in a period not exceeding one week, this brings us closer to understanding the reasons and background for the communication of the Maghreb Scholars Association, which is a witness to that and to the series of provocations and dangerous escalation that the Algerian military regime has been carrying out since its announcement.” Severing diplomatic relations and closing airspace after years of closing the land border with Morocco, and the accompanying dirty media war against everything that is Moroccan without exception for symptoms, history, heritage, sports and the arts of living. It even came to attacking Moroccan athletes for the category of less than 20 years who participated In the Arab Cup Championship in Oran, where they were physically attacked in front of the cameras of the world.

The spokesman added to Hespress: “In light of this dangerous situation, I think that the Association of Scholars wanted to sound the alarm at the level of the Islamic world, in addition to the fact that advice to rulers and all people is considered the essence of the Islamic religion in general, and it is the basis for the work of scholars,” noting that “if We went back to the League’s statement by analysis, and we will find it directing arrows of accusation and condemnation between the lines at Algeria, because the statement calls on the government of Algeria and the government of Morocco to the dialogue table and to resolve the differences, and Morocco demands that through the words of the highest authority in the country, and this came in official royal letters in the years 2018, 2019, and then 2021 “.

Noureddine pointed out that “the Algerian response was ignorance, intransigence, and beating the drums of war, and it is enough for us to know that the king’s call for reconciliation with Algeria in the Throne Speech on July 30, 2021, the Algerian response to it came by severing diplomatic relations less than a month later in a statement by the Algerian president, which was read by him on behalf.” His foreign minister at the time, Ramtane Al-Amamra,” to wonder with disapproval: “What recklessness and ignorance after this?”

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He continued, “The statement of the Association of Arab Maghreb Scholars called on the Moroccan and Algerian peoples to form committees to pressure the two governments for reconciliation, and this is also directed at the Algerian people, who must pressure their government to return to the path of righteousness. As for Morocco, it is not concerned because the state calls for reconciliation and supplies Its hand belongs to Algeria, and therefore we do not need popular pressure to convince the government.”

The expert in Moroccan-Algerian relations continued, saying: “We in Morocco believe in the values ​​of peace and good neighborliness, and we have major projects that the country’s monarch is implementing to transform it into a developed industrial country, and we are aware that we should not fall into the trap of the Algerian generals who think that war is the only way out.” What remains is to get out of the complex crises that afflict Algeria politically, legally, economically, culturally, and even existentially. Yes, we know all of that, and we should not allow this Algerian military junta to deviate us from continuing the path towards achieving full national sovereignty politically, industrially, food, security, health, and technology… We know that very well, but that does not mean that we underestimate the aggressive threats of the Algerian military.

And he stressed, “the need not to underestimate the latter and take his threats seriously,” because “we know that the Algerian generals who killed a quarter of a million Algerians during the black decade because of their coup against the ballot boxes, and who sparked the Sand War in 1963 with a treacherous attack on Morocco in Tinjoub, Hassi Beida and Figuig Yesh, and those who seized the estates of the people of Figuig in the oasis of Arja in March 2022, and those who killed President Boudiaf because he rejected the thesis of secession in the Sahara, and those who severed relations with Morocco on August 24, 2021 without justification, and those who accused Morocco falsely and without evidence of setting fires in Tizi Ouzou that It is 600 km from the border, (we know that) these bloody generals are not trustworthy, and the Moroccans must take all necessary precautions and prepare for all possibilities, and the state must set scenarios for all hypotheses, including comprehensive mobilization in anticipation of the worst,” says Ahmed Noreddine. We pray to God to protect our homeland, Morocco, from all harm.

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